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Live Feed Updates -July 12 - Day 24

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  • Live Feed Updates -July 12 - Day 24

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    Jess, Kat, and Nicle talking and laughing in the glamping room.

    Nick and Bella cuddling and talking in the HoH. Going through each person and how many time they get called to the DR and whether it means they are really gaming or really funny. Christie gets called a lot and they're not sure if it's because she's gaming or funny.


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      Catching us up ...


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        Nick and Bella talked this morning about nominations ...

        Nick talks about what he will say to Cliff when he nominates him ...

        Bella suggested that he tell him he's a pawn

        Nick talked about outing Cliff's #cliffnotes


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          Around 9:20 ish AM ...

          Nicole tells Cliff about Christie overhearing him in the boat room


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            Whacktivity comp is over. Everyone is milling around the kitchen talking about it. Guessing words based on pictures? One word was Julie (not diamond) , there was a picture of a light switch. Nick said he thought the word was switch, but was the word On

            ETA-that was the puzzle part of the comp. Guessing a phrase.
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              Christie and Nick talk

              ( she's in the shower.. seems like there's always game talk when she's in the shower ... go figure )

              Nick says he doesn't think that Nicole cast the rogue vote
              Christie agrees ...

              Christie tells Nick that she thinks it was Jackson ....because of how hardcore he was trying to pin the vote on Nicole


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                Christy and Jessica are the only two that admit finishing. Everybody calling out Jessica as winning, but noone really knows.


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                  Biting bugs were also involved. Jess says they told her they didn't bite, but they were biting her.


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                    10:00 AM BBT

                    Nick and Cliff talked...

                    Cliff tells Nick that he wants to work with him and Bella

                    Nick tells Cliff that his target is Jessica.....

                    Nick talks about maybe putting up Kat beside Jess ..

                    Cliff tells Nick that he doesn't want to ... but if he needs him to .. he would be a pawn


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                      ( still catching us up .. I see Sdkgeo up there updating live )

                      Nick told Jack and Jackson about Cliff offering to be a pawn ....

                      Jackson pushes to Nick that Cliff said ( in this #cliffnotes ) that he wanted to stir the pot ...
                      This is his ( Jackson's ) way of trying to push Nick to believe that Cliff cast the rogue vote ( since Nick didn't buy that Nicole did it )

                      Those are pretty much the highlights ..... the Whactivity comp was played and that's where Sdkgeo was posting live....

                      And. the Screen in the house is showing that "Nominations are today"

                      And Jackson is still pushing putting up Cliff and Nicole to "flush out" who was the rogue voter ... ( he was talking to Bella )


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                        Sounds like the Panic Competition was timed... and you timed out after 30 minutes...

                        Both Christie and Jessica are the only ones ( for now ) that said they actually finished ....

                        Jessica explained that the competition was a puzzle and you had to crack the code......boards were all covered in ****roaches

                        ( I have to jump out.... if anyone wants to jump in .. please do .. otherwise .. I'll just have to update when I get back )


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                          Christie continues talking about the comp.

                          Another word was Don't. Another was eviction.

                          Hissing ****roaches that they had to move out of the way to see the pictures for the puzzle.

                          Christie was knocking them out of the enclosure with her knuckles and the wranglers kept having to come in and put them back in.


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                            Six pictures for six words. The pictures are under the ****roaches. There were dead ****roaches by the time Jessica got there.


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                              We are currently on fish. I have to jump out too for dinner.


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