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Live Feed Updates - July 13 - Day 25

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 13 - Day 25

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    5:45 BBT

    All HGs sleeping.


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      Cliff's notes this morning. He thinks he may be number 10 in the pecking order behind Sam, but maybe 11. Kat may be ahead of him since she is an easy goat and they may pull her along as an easy out at any time.

      It could also depend on who comes back from Camp Comeback. David has been integrating back into the group.

      He'll just keep fighting. They assure him he is the pawn and Jess is the target. He knows that there is a possibility that whoever wins the veto will use it and Nicole will go up and get evicted.


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        2:14 BBT

        Went to puppies/kittens. Time to pick players for the veto.


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          Veto players are:
          Nominee-Jess and Cliff
          Picked players-Jackson, Christie, and Kat.

          Cliff picked Kat
          Jess picked Christie via HG choice
          Nick picked Jackson


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            Holly is the hostess


            • #7
              Catching us up a little bit...

              Nick and Analyse talked .... about Nicole ... ( she's a hot topic this week )

              Analyse tells him that Nicole wants to talk to him today ...

              Nick says because she wants to stay ....

              Nick - she ( Nicole ) is going to Vanessa Rousso every one of you guys.....

              Analyse tells Nick that she doesn't trust Cliff.....

              Nick - you trust her ( Nicole ) more??

              Analyse - I don't ****ing trust that bitch either....

              Analyse tells Nick that she thinks that Cliff is smarter...

              Nick - I don't


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                Christie talks to Nick about Cliff ( he's a hot topic too ) ...

                Christie tells Nick about how Cliff needs to go ... how she's smart... how Nicole doesn't pose a threat ... isn't a threat in competitions ... but Cliff is ... because there's a double coming up soon and that's usually a puzzle .. and how Cliff is a "puzzle master"


                • #9
                  Nick to Christie - I just feel weird keeping "Vanessa Rousso" in the game right now.

                  Nick talks about how Nicole almost had them flip on each other.... and how she literally laughed in Bella's face when she ( Bella ) was calling her out ... for using her "anxiety" on him ...


                  • #10
                    Christie continue to talk to Nick about how Cliff needs to go ...
                    He tells her that he's more worried about Nicole....

                    Nick tells Christie that she (they ) picked for the veto and win it,... she ( they ) can take Cliff off..... and that way they are good with him ....


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                      Bella and Nicole ( Round 2 or is it 32? ) ... ( sheesh )

                      Bella tells Nicole that she didn't think it was right for Nicole to say that she ( Bella ) should have said anything to the people that were involved... she say they ( the others ) hashed it out ...

                      Nicole tells Bella that she would have liked to be able to be allowed in the room ... and say her peace...

                      Nicole- I know my truth..... I came to you with trust.... and I came to you divulging.... and then it was flipped on me in an instant


                      • #12
                        Nick in the convo too ...

                        Nick tells Nicole that she told Bella that Holly, Analyse, Jack and Jackson were going to put him up ... this week.. if he didn't win HoH ...

                        They go back and forth ... with Nicole trying to explain that it wasn't like that ...

                        Nick asked Nicole when did he ever bully her??

                        Bella - can I say one thing....???

                        Nick - no ....

                        Nick to Nicole - you used your anxiety.... if that's even real..... against me


                        • #13
                          Nick tells Nicole that he checks on her everyday .... how is she going to try to play on his anxiety...

                          Nick to Nicole- is your anxiety even real?..... if it's part of your game.... respect


                          • #14
                            Nicole tells Nick that she does feel different.... from all of them....

                            Nicole- I'm not a pretty girl or a jock..... cause of that ... I know that I was in a raft in the middle...... I have come to the realization that I don't even own a game face..... I don't know where I fit in


                            • #15
                              Nick asks Nicole what did he tell her 30 minutes before Nominations ..

                              Nicole- that you were not going to put me up ...

                              He tells her that she told them .. ( the others ) that he was trying to flip the vote....

                              He tells her that she was playing both sides...

                              Nicole- I didn't ....


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