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Live Feed Updates - July 14 - Day 26

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 14 - Day 26

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    4:45 BBT

    All HGs sleeping.


    • #3
      I'll catch us up ....


      • #4
        First thing you need to know ....

        Kat slept with the Power of Veto necklace on ...

        ( LOL ) ... she's a trip .. that one.


        • #5
          Kemi and Nicole talk ...

          Nicole still worried about how she's being perceived outside of the house ...

          Kemi tells her not to worry... she ( Nicole ) is a nice person ....

          Kemi tells her that she doesn't think she's being perceived negatively ...

          Kemi to Nicole- and even if you are ... **** them.

          Kemi continues to tell Nicole not to worry about it .....

          Nicole continues to worry about it ...


          • #6
            Nicole to Kemi - I just want to be able to walk out of here and be proud

            Kemi - same.....


            • #7
              Christie and Tommy talk about keeping Nicole

              Tommy tells her that if that happens... it might be best for him to be in the RV room ...


              • #8
                Christie/Tommy/Analyse talking about Nick and Bella ....

                Christie - I have such a hard time living with people .... who think they got one over on u...., and tried to basically **** us first


                • #9
                  Christie tells Tommy and Analyse ( again ) that she won't vote out Nicole...

                  She says that because their ( Nick/Bella) plan didn't work .. now they are back on Team Gr8ful ... trying to squirm their way out of the mess they made.... by bullying and trying to pin what they did on someone else ( Nicole )


                  • #10
                    Cliff to Sam - I was thinking last night.... my one fear is Nicole has the power.... that somehow keeps her from going up ( as the replacement nominee ) ... and if that's the case... I may be screwed.

                    Sam tells Cliff that Nicole is imploding and she wouldn't be ac ting the way she is .. if she had a power


                    • #11
                      Cliff asks Sam if it's Christie, Tommy, Jack and Analyse that are pushing him out ( trying to get him evicted this week ) ....

                      Sam- you're not going to burn me?

                      Cliff- No... I absolutely swear

                      Sam - it's those kinda people... yeah ...


                      • #12
                        Sam tells Cliff that Kat is pulling Jess off ...
                        Cliff tells Sam that he's aware...

                        Cliff and Sam agree that they just have to hope that she ( Nicole ) doesn't have a power.. and if she doesn't ... she's out


                        • #13
                          Analyse and Holly talk ...

                          Analyse - it's best that we vote Cliff out....

                          Analyse tells Holly that she loves Nick.... an d thinks that he really, really has her back...

                          Holly to Analyse - I don't think he does have your back

                          They both agree that they really, really, really want to trust him ....
                          They talk about the way he looks into their eyes.. being sincere...


                          • #14
                            Analyse to Holly - is it bad that I feel he (Nick) is more my ride or die than Jack?

                            Holly- I think Nick would **** you over without feeling bad at all ...

                            Analyse - Jack would **** me over.... he would choose Christie over me

                            ( hey at least she realizes it )


                            • #15
                              Analyse to Holly - I'm myself around Nick... around Jack... I just feel like a blank wall. ....I feel nothing


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