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Live Feed Updates - July 15 - Day 27

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 15 - Day 27

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    5:45 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      Sneaking in to try to catch us up a little bit...


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        Earlier this morning ...

        Christie/ Jackson/Holly/Analyse talked about how Nicole is going to be shocked on Eviction Night ( when they save her )

        Jackson - I don't know what's going to be better.... Nicole or Cliff's reaction.... or Nick and Bella's...

        Christie - I wish I had 20 eyes

        Christie warns them not to let Jessica know anything either ( about their plan to save Nicole ) ....She tells them that Jessica is all about getting Nicole out ... because Bella has convinced her that it was Nicole that exposed the Black Widow Alliance...


        • #5
          Holly wonders if they should tell Kat at the last minute that they are keeping Nicole...
          Christie says she worries about Kat telling Jessica ...

          Christie tells Analyse and Holly that "game wise" it's best not to tell anyone ... but moving forward wise... they can make that decision ( on whether to tell Kat or not )

          Holly tells them that she thinks if they don't include Kat... she won't trust them moving forward...

          Holly also points out that if Kat joins them in saving Nicole... she ( Kat ) is one more target for Nick/Bella ....


          • #6
            Christie tells Analyse and Holly that she knows that Bella/Nick will be out for blood when this happens...
            She tells them that she worries that if it's Endurance ( HoH ) that Bella could win ...


            • #7
              Holly asks if one of them win HOH .. do they back door Nick or nominate him ...

              Christie tells her that Nick and Bella have to go up on the block together ....


              • #8
                Christie talks with Tommy

                She tells him she's feeling paranoid.... because Cliff is talking to Bella/Nick so much ....


                • #9
                  Tommy tells Christie that even if for whatever reason Nick put her ( or any of them ) on the block... they would have the votes .. not to worry


                  • #10
                    ( I'm at work and so I can't screen shot right now ... but Kat is tanning with the veto necklace on ..... )


                    • #11
                      Christie and Tommy talk about Kat tanning ...

                      Christie- she's tanning the veto into her stomach.... it's working

                      Tommy - I'm obsessed with her!


                      • #12
                        Christie continues to talk to Tommy and now Holly about how she's feeling paranoid....


                        • #13
                          Christie talks with Jack ...

                          She tells him she's paranoid... thinks she's going on the block....

                          He tells her the same as the others did ... if it happens... they have the numbers... not to worry


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                            Kemi asks Christie if she knows what's going on with the veto .. is Nicole going up
                            Christie tells her no .. she doesn't think so ... she thinks that Nick is going to try to blindside her ( Christie )


                            • #15
                              Christie tells Kat the same thing.... that she thinks Nick is going to put her up ....

                              Christie starts to cry ...

                              Kat tells her that Jessica wouldn't vote her out .. and neither would she ..

                              Christie says she doesn't trust the boys.... doesn't think she would have 6 votes ...

                              Kat assures her she would


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