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Live Feed Updates - July 16 - Day 28

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 16 - Day 28

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    {{on phone can’t update right now back ASAP to do so lol}}


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      9:56AM BBT (morning everyone!)

      Cliff having his live feed chat with us. He is worried about the vote this week, even though others have told him he is safe. He says it's hard to be alone in the house like he is (with no one to work with). He talks about a lot pf whispering going on yesterday. He appreciates having us to talk to.

      Wakey! Wakey! FISH!!

      Earlier, Jackson, Bella and David were outside talking about Christie's meltdown yesterday. Bella says that Christie's period didn't start but it should in a few days. (Christie has blamed her rampant paranoia on PMS). Bella leaves and David talks to Jackson about being in Camp Comeback. He says it's weird because he can't talk game with anyone, but he is able to work on his social game and get to know everyone better.


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        It's mostly been chit chat this morning. When feeds first came back, Bella was whispering to Sam about Christie. Someone said something about her meltdown and it has Bella kind of freaked out. She tells Sam they need to watch what they say around Jack/Jackson.

        In realtime, Sam is in the HOH talking to Nick and Bella about how he wants to win the next HOH and get Jessica out.


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          10:42 AM BBT

          Christie is complaining to Jack, Holly and Sis about Cliff hanging out all the time with Nick and Bella and not campaigning to her for her vote. Christie and Holly talk about trying to give Nicole some hope. Jack warns them to remember that Nicole is the one who took something small and spread it around to everyone. Apparently Nicole has told Holly that the first person who comes up to her will win her loyalty. They all talk about Nick and Bella are full of themselves. They also say they are over Cliff and that even Kat has said she is done with him.

          Tommy comes in and tells them that he is going to gun for HOH and put up Nick and Bella with a plan to put Sam up if one of them come off. Tommy asks if they should try to convince Nick and Bella (and by association, Sam) that getting rid of Cliff is best for their (Nick & Bella) game that way, if one of them wins HOH, they won't be mad at the rest of them for flipping the vote to keep Nicole. Then they can bring Nicole into the alliance of nine.

          Nick comes in so that's the end of that convo.


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            catching us up....


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              Jack/Christie/Holly continue to to talk about how Nicole is going to be so happy when they save her


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                Jackson tells Christie that he thinks it would be great if Bella won HoH .. and then Christie used her power to put Nick on the block.

                Christie tells Jack that she thinks that the ( NIck/Bella ) are going to be "terrified" to put them up


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                  Christie to Jack and Jackson - I dare Bella to win HoH and put any of us up ... because if any of us wins the veto .. her boyfriend is going up


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                    Jack and Tommy talk about how they really don't think that Nick was going to put Christie up ( as the replacement nominee )


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                      Tommy tells Jack that if he wins HoH .. he wants to put Nick and Bella up .. then tell them that they are not his target .. that Sam is


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                        Tommy tells Jack that without Sam ... Nick and Bella wouldn't have any numbers on their side...

                        Tommy tells Jack that they could use Nick and Bella as numbers until they get down to 8 .. and then get them out ....

                        Tommy calls Sam.. Nick and Bella's "security blanket"


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                          Tommy talks with Christie about his "get Sam out" plan ...

                          Telling her the same as he did Jack....

                          Sam can win this game... Sam needs to go ... without Sam ... Nick and Bella will fall back to them ... then they can use them ...


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                            Christie tells Tommy that she loves his plan ...

                            She agrees that Sam is dangerous


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                              Christie checks with Jack to make sure they are sending Cliff home...

                              Jack tells her "absolutely"


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