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Live Feed Updates - July 17 - Day 29

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 17 - Day 29

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  • #2
    Kat up in Camp Comeback laying in David's cot talking with Ovi and David.

    Kemi and Nicole in the hammock running through each HG and analyzing them.

    They can't get a read on Analyse.

    Michie is very mindful of the way he's portrayed.

    Jess is very deep and Nicole finds her hysterical, but she's very emotional.


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      Catching us up quickly ,....


      • #4
        Kemi's feeling the pressure today ...

        She told Sam that she overheard Jack and Nick saying something like "she's getting on my ****ing nerves" ... and " I'll ****ing spit on her"

        She tells Sam if the "she" is her ... then they better rethink ...

        She tells Sam that she's not going to be disrespected...

        Kemi also talked to Jessica about how she's feeling ....

        She tells Jessica that it's just mob mentality in the house right now ... and she knows how Big Brother works.... but doesn't think it has to be like that ...

        Kemi tells Jessica that she knows she is probably being roasted by BB fans.... but that she's not going to be disrespected because she's on Big Brother ...

        Kemi tells Jessica that she is someone who stands up and believes in women asserting and showing their strength

        Kemi to Jesica - I'm not going to be ****ing dominated by someone just cause they have a dick and balls.....


        • #5
          Kemi tells Jessica that she is losing her mind ( in the house ) ....

          Kemi - I do not want to be the black girl that explodes on everyone..... but at this point.. I'm fuming... I can't handle it .... anymore


          • #6

            Kemi and Jessica talk about how aggressive Jack is....

            They talk about how he complains about everything ....

            They talk about how rude Nick is .... how badly he talks about women ...

            Kemi talks to Jessica about Bella....

            About how Bella has been playing both sides.... anything she told Bella.. Bella ran to Jack with it ...

            Kemi ( about Bella ) don't get mad when I blow up ( your game ) ... when you've been blowing mine up since week one


            • #7
              Jackson and Analyse talk about how they can't wait to see the look on Nick and Bella's face tomorrow night .. when Nicole stays ...


              • #8
                Sam and Christie talk ...

                Sam tells her that he's worried because he knows he's at the bottom of the majority in the house

                Sam to Christie- why am I voting out bottom feeders..... to be voted out the first week of jury?

                Christie tells him she feels the same way ...


                • #9
                  Christie tells Sam that David is the only person she wants to come back ...

                  She says she wants him to "take shots at people" that she's too scared to take...

                  She says she doesn't want Ovi back .. because she put him out.. doesn't want Kemi back because she does nothing but cause trouble..

                  She tells him that she knows Cliff is 100% gunning for her ... and that Nicole lied to people that she's close to


                  • #10
                    Nick tells Cliff that there should no no surprises ( tomorrow night )

                    Nick to Cliff- everyone has said that Nicole is going home...

                    ( oy .. if they can pull this off .. and in this house .. that is a big IF ... seems like they can't keep their mouths shut... )


                    • #11
                      Nick tells Cliff that he would be "annoyed" if it ( the vote ) was like 6 - 4 ( to keep Cliff ) ...

                      But tells him as long as it happens ( Cliff staying/Nicole leaving ) he's good


                      • #12
                        Nick to Cliff- there's no ****ing way you are going home... if they are lying to me... they will draw lines in the sand and I don't think they want to do that yet...


                        • #13
                          Analyse and tommy talk about whether to tell Kat ( about keeping Nicole ) ....
                          Tommy thinks they should tell her .. have her vote with them.. that way they aren't just exposing themselves...


                          • #14
                            Jack, Holly and Jackson also talked about "to tell Kat or not to tell Kat" ...

                            Jackson says no
                            Jack says yes

                            Jackson says it will "expose the 6 of them"
                            Jack says he would like it that way

                            Holly says no to telling Kat .. she thinks they keep Kat "as their mole"


                            • #15
                              Tommy and Jackson talk about Kat ...

                              Jackson saying no way ... she ( Kat ) will blow it up ... blow their cover

                              Tommy saying yes.. tell her ... include her... it's best moving forward...


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