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Live Feed Updates - July 18 - Day 30

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 18 - Day 30

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    6:23 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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      9:54 AM BBT

      People are up!

      Kemi and Nicole are talking. Nicole is asking Kemi if she is ok. Says she heard Kemi crying last night. Other than taking Nicole for her concern, she is not saying why she was upset.

      Convo over.

      Sam is in the HOH room talking to Nick. He is talking about how he was talking to Nicole getting to know her since she is leaving tonight (or is she??) and Kemi started having a breakdown. Sam says they heard her sniffling and crying and Sam just isn't buying into it. The DR called her in......cameras all switch to bathroom with everyone brushing their teeth.


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        Bella is in the HOH room now. Sam is telling them that Nicole told him that she was not going to go after them. Nick said he told Nicole that he hopes that she is the one who wins the come back. Bella tells Nick he needs to chill a bit because he is talking too much. She says he talks **** about Jess to Jack and Christie and if Jess comes back....Sam says he didn't think about that. Sam says he doesn't talk game with any of them, and Bella tells him that he does talk game with the come back people. Bella says Sam may be coming off as trying to play all sides. Sam says ohhhh....thanks mom!


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          10:10 BBT

          Tommy talking to Nicole. Tommy explains that they do want to honor the HOH's wishes, but in the end, the power lies with the people and they are the ones that get to vote. He tells her that if she does end up still in the house at the end of the day, he would love to talk to her more. Nicole says definitely. Tommy leaves and wishes her good luck tonight.

          Nicole talks to the camera and says that she wants to stay so bad. She wants to win HOH and take a shot at that big cluster group. She asks, "why not?".


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            10:30 AM

            Everyone (except Nick and Bella) is in the kitchen having breakfast. They are all super boisterous and making merry with the camp comeback people. Nick and Bella are watching them on the spy screen from the HOH bed. They talk about how they were safe for another week and laugh at some of the antics from the kitchen. (they are oblivious to the fact that they are literally on the outside looking in).


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              10:45 AM

              Nicole and Christie talking privately. Nicole makes her pitch to get Christie's vote to stay. Christie tells her that she has always believed Nicole, that she really wants her to stay, and that she has a actively been talking to the people in her group about keeping Nicole. Christie says she will continue to fight for Nicole to stay until minutes before the vote. She says she sort of feels bad about Cliff, but Cliff hasn't campaigned to her and he has said he would put Christie on the block. Nicole promises her that if she won HOH, she would not put Christie up. Christie says she appreciates that but she also knows that in the big group she is working with, she is at the bottom of the totem pole. She says that she loves them and knows she's only safe with them for a couple of weeks, but she is going to enjoy her time with them until then. She also tells Nicole that she will continue to fight for Nicole to stay. Christie thinks she can get in Jack's ear for sure. She says she already has him rethinking voting Nicole out.

              They go over who Nicole should campaign to today.


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                Missed tonight's show ?

                Catch up here



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                  Feeds came back for a few seconds.. with Bella yelling ...

                  And. with Nicole saying ( to herself ) - I'm here.. I've got this ... this is my HoH.

                  ( I know .. I know... why don't we have the feeds? ... ask CBS... )


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                    Feeds back


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                      Nick telling Analyse, Holly and Tommy that's he's not mad... he has no problem with Nicole...


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                        Bella talking to Sam, Jackson and Jack

                        Sounds like they were asking Bella why she was talking "game" to David ...

                        Jackson is saying that the "alliance" needs to have better communication


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                          Nick to Analyse/Holly and Tommy- you trust me.... but maybe other people you don't trust as much?

                          Tommy - honestly.... I trust you more than other people that you are associated with

                          Nick tells them that he gets that they don't trust Bella....

                          Tommy - it's not that we don't .... you are just much more...

                          Nick - for whatever reason you guys don't trust her... I get it ... I didn't know she was up here with Cliff for that long ...

                          Tommy - it was just after the thing with Nicole happened....

                          Nick - she ( Bella ) is a recruit... she doesn't know the game


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                            Back in the boat room ...

                            Bella telling Jack, Jackson and Sam that from now on .. if she sees THEM talking to Cliff or Nicole .. she's going to assume they are trying to get them on their side....

                            Jack - that's kinda threatening.

                            ( he should know )

                            Bella - and if you see me talking to Cliff or Nicole,...... you can assume the same


                            • #15
                              Meanwhile... Nick is telling Analyse that he tells her everything.. tells them everything..

                              She tells Nick she's sorry ...

                              Nick - I've been nothing but there for you... we decide as a group


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