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Live Feed Updates - July 19 - Day 31

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 19 - Day 31

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    5:08 AM BBT

    Cams 1 & 2

    Jackson (Michie) is in the downstairs shower. Kat in the bathroom area too, taking off makeup. Her and Jackson making small talk. Talking about HOH photos. Talking about Kat's platinum blonde hair. He asks where she gets it from. She says the hair dresser. Just small talk.

    Cams 3 & 4

    Cliff sleeping in the HOH Room


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      5:12 AM BBT

      Cams 1 & 2

      Jackson & Kat started talking about the 3 evicted HGs. Kat wonders if they're watching the live feeds. Jackson says no, they're probably at LAX (the airport). Jackson says he feels bad for David but not for Kemi. Kat says Kemi can go kick rocks.

      Cameras switch and now we have all 4 cameras on Cliff sleeping in the HOH room.


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        5:15 AM BBT

        Back to Kat & Jackson. Small talk and then BB tells Jackson, "please conserve water"! He says, "Oh, OK" and then goes back to talking. They start talking about Holly, about Jackson kissing her. Kat says she can't wait to go to their wedding. Jackson says, "not going to happen". Jackson says his mom is going to kill him for boinking (having sex with) two house guests. He implies that Kat had sex with David. She tells him no, that they didn't. Said David wanted to but she still had feelings for Jackson. Jackson says he feels bad (basically for having sex with her and then moving onto Holly). Jackson says something about if being f**ked what David said, that Kat would be seconds.
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          5:25 AM BBT

          Jackson (Michie) talking about he's an easy boyfriend to buy for. Says an ex-girlfriend bought him a meat smoker when he was in high school. Said he used it for 6 months and didn't use it again. Just small talk.

          5:31 AM BBT

          Cameras 3 & 4 switch to the Kitchen which is where Kat & Jackson are now. Cameras 1 & 2 move to Cliff sleeping in the HOH room. Jackson is taking rice out of a bucket and putting it in a bowl. Jackson says he wants Kat to stay up to help him clean. She asks where Holly is. Jackson says he doesn't know. Says he's not controlling. Kat says she had a dream. She won HOH. Talks about the dream including her & Jackson having sex in the HOH shower (which apparently happened in real life).

          (seems to be a lot of sexual tension between these two. I thought she was going to join him in the shower earlier).

          Jackson finishes up the rice. He's eating an apple now. He & Kat are whispering now. Jackson opens the peanut butter and dips his half eaten apple in it and eats it. Kat says she's going to bed. They hug. Start talking and then whispering and the cameras go off of them. Come back on them. Still talking. Kat finally goes to bed.

          Cliff had got up and used the HOH bathroom. Now he's just lying in bed with his glasses on and his hand up by his face like he's thinking. I think he might be watching the HOH screen.

          Jackson gets some water. Starts eating... first peanuts and then chips. Now he's drinking cola straight out of the bottle (I'm hoping that's just his?). Now he goes to the bathroom and is brushing his teeth.

          (And that's all the excitement for this morning; if/when something happens it would be much appreciated if someone jumped in and updated. Thanks! )


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            5:50 AM BBT

            All house guests are now in bed/sleeping.


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              Cliff and Nick have a quick chat. Cliff tells Nick that he will not put him or Bella on the block. They discuss alternatives knowing that Christie can pull out her Diamond POV and mess everything up. They also discuss working together from now on. Nick doesn't want to be in the HOH for too long.

              Nick is now in the bathroom with Sam and Sis complaining that he is going to go home and that he is on the outskirts from the six. Sis keeps telling him to stop thinking like that, he is not on the outskirts with the group. Sam is not saying anything just brushing his teeth.

              Cliff comes in the bathroom and Sam says he was going to come up and talk to Cliff. They head up to the HOH.


              • #8
                Sam and Cliff talk about who to put up. Cliff is not putting Sam up because Sam used the POV on him once. They go over all the scenarios trying to work in Christie using her power. (I am not sure if anyone understands exactly how it works, including me). Sam is leaning both Jacks and then Jack and Sis and then Christie and Jack. Cliff wants Sam to feel out Tommy and Christie on where their heads are at this week.

                Jack, Sis and Nick still in the bathroom talking. Sounds like they may be wanting to throw Christie under the bus to Cliff.

                Bella is talking to Cliff now. They are talking about Christie's power and how they can get someone out they want this week, without triggering any powers. Bella thinks Christie and Jack, but Cliff wants to try and pull Christie in with them at least for this week,


                • #9
                  11:26 AM BBT

                  Christie, Holly, and Tommy plotting at how they are going to use powers and vetos and get Bella and Nick on the block.

                  Kat is now in the HOH playing her secret double agent roll.

                  Cliff does narrow it down to Jack, Sis, Tommy and Christie as the ones that he is trying to choose his nominations from. Kat is leaning towards putting Sis and Jack up. So now they are discussing if so and so wins veto then what should he do. Kat doesn't think that putting up Nick and Bella is smart because she feels the six will be gunning for them so they shouldn't take out the other alliance's targets.

                  Jack has been obsessively cleaning all morning.


                  • #10
                    Apparently Cliff has gone to the DR to clarify Christie's power. Specifically, if Christie can be a renom.


                    • #11
                      Cliff nominated Jack and Jackson for eviction

                      Cliff to Jack - I've got to keep the emotions separate from the logical..... I hope y'all understand.

                      Jack- Of course

                      Cliff alone in the boat room

                      Cliff - I've got to act sad... I made my decision .. I hope it doesn't bite me in the ass... but I made my decision.

                      Kat comes in ...


                      • #12

                        Cliff to Kat - I think Jack needs to go... I have no desire ....

                        Kat- are you planning on backdooring Nick?

                        Cliff - we'll see what happens with the veto power ... I don't want Jackson to go home....I want Jack to go ...

                        Kat- what happens if someone uses the veto to take Jack down ...

                        Cliff- then I will just have to pick someone else up that protects Jackson ... we'll just have to hope we have the numbers... I know it's a risk ...

                        Cliff - I've gone back and forth all day long... but at the end...


                        • #13
                          Cliff tells Kat that he can't operate out of fear ...

                          Cliff - I've got to take my shot..... it if backfires.... it backfires

                          Christie- yeah

                          Cliff - I don't want Jackson to go home...

                          Kat keeps asking about if he's going to back door Nick

                          Cliff tells her that it's an option .. that's all he can say for now...

                          Cliff- but we have to stick together ...


                          • #14
                            Bella tells Cliff that she respects him for nominating Jack and Jackson

                            Bella to Cliff- someone had to do it ...

                            She tells him she has his back ...

                            Cliff - it's nothing against Jack... I just feel like I had to take my shot ..

                            Bella- they said you were going to go next week ...

                            Cliff - I had to take my shot .. wasn't going to go out of my HoH . without saying that I did all that I could do ...

                            Nick joins them

                            Nick telling Cliff that they wanted him out ...

                            Cliff says it's not personal .. he's trying to think long term .. couldn't have a group of 6 in the house .. that just voted him out ...

                            Cliff- if it works.. great .. if not .. I'll leave head held high ...


                            • #15

                              Christie tells Tommy/Nick and Analyse that now she really doesn't have a choice but to use her power....

                              Christie- it sucks that it's not going to be on myself when I need it.....


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