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Live Feed Updates - July 21 - Day 33

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 21 - Day 33

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    6:30 BBT

    All HGs sleeping.


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      Sorry for the lack of updates today ... kinda had a little accident and typing isn't really that easy for me at the moment.... but I will try to get you updated quickly on today's drama events.


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        Sam and Christie talked...

        He tried to convince her that she shouldn't be worried about Bella right now ...
        He tried to tell her that they need to get Jack now ... while they have a chance

        She argues that Bella is coming for her ....
        She argues that she can't work with him and Nick .. if Bella is there


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          Nicole and Cliff talked

          Cliff tells Nicole that he doesn't want Christie to use her power... but he thinks she will ...

          Nicole tells him that she and Jessica would vote Jack out ...

          Cliff tells her that they don't have enough votes.....

          Cliff talks about back dooring Bella... not letting Christie use her power .... that way he could gain some "safety for them"

          Cliff tells Nicole that he still feels safe with their F2 deal
          She says the same and that she will support whatever he does


          • #6
            Cliff and Tommy talked ...

            Cliff told him about what he told Christie ..that if she didn't use her power .. he ( Cliff ) swore that he would not nominate her or him ( Tommy )

            Cliff also tells him that he hopes Jack will understand why he had to nominate him ... and that it wasn't personal ...

            Cliff tells Tommy that if he wanted Jack to have the chance to compete in the veto comp

            Cliff to Tommy- I rolled the dice. came up short, now I'm willing to look for other options ...


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              Cliff tells Jack and Tommy that he's okay with cutting Bella this week ... but that he's not going to "lie" and say that back dooring her was the plan all along ...

              Jack tells Cliff that he respects his game play ... and that seeing how the veto comp went .. he ( Jack ) should be the one going home...

              Cliff tells Jack that he was never his target.....

              Jack to Cliff - your safety is absolute to me for weeks to come..... there's been bigger targets on my plate for a long time now ...


              • #8
                Christie and Cliff talked again about "the plan" ... for back dooring Bella


                • #9
                  Jackson and Cliff talked ....

                  Jackson tells Cliff that he's making the best decision for his ( Cliff's ) game ...

                  Jackson to Cliff - I respect the hell out of it


                  • #10
                    Cliff asks Jackson that because he put him and Jack up .. does that make him ( Cliff ) a target of theirs moving forward...

                    Jackson tells him that him ( Cliff ) putting up Bella .... and letting Christie keep her power .... makes them even ...


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                      Jackson tells Cliff that he will use the veto on himself.....

                      Cliff tells Jackson that if Christie doesn't use her power... he ( Jackson ) knows what's going to happen .. because he ( Cliff ) isn't someone that would go back on his word.....


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                        Cliff talks to Nicole again ....

                        He tells her that he really thinks that Christie is going to use her power...because everyone knows she has it .. and she doesn't want people to hate her

                        Cliff " suggests " that maybe he makes an offer to Christie .. for her not to use it.. and he will "just put up Bella" and back door her .... that way he can gain some protection for them ....

                        Nicole ( seems confused ) saying that if Cliff back doors Bella...without Christie using her power .. then she still has her power ...

                        Cliff tells her only for 2 weeks.... and if they get Bella out this week.. and Nick next week ... then they really only have to worry about 1 week....


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                          Cliff tells Nicole that it kills him that he's getting "pushed" into making this decision .. that he really wanted Jack out .. really wanted to make a big move

                          He tells her that if it's Bella/Jack up .. that he thinks they ( she and Jess ) should vote out Bella too

                          He tells Nicole that nothing has been agreed on yet.. he's going to "present" this to them ....


                          • #14
                            Cliff and Nick talk

                            Cliff tells Nick that he thinks Christie is going to use the power and that everyone wants Bella out

                            Nick to Cliff - I'm going to ****ing bury her ( Christie ) next week .. if she uses it .. ( her power )


                            • #15
                              Cliff tells Nick that the others are all saying that if Bella goes .. it frees him ( Nick ) up in the game...

                              Nick asks Cliff .. what if they don't win HoH next week .. then what?

                              Cliff tells Nick that that they are all saying that he ( Cliff ) isn't their target

                              Nick calls bull**** .. telling Cliff that they have all said they do not regret what they did ( voting Cliff out )


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