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Live Feed Updates - July 22 - Day 34

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 22 - Day 34

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    3:15 BBT

    Jackson and Holly had a fight. He is telling Christie and Tommy about it. Holly keeps going back and forth, initiating things and then the next day regretting it and then doing it again.

    Holly has always picked at Jackson's little flaws , both joking and not, and then made a comment tonight about him losing his washboard abs already. And then instead of fixing it, she just told him he was being over dramatic.


    • #3
      They moved on to talking about Nick/Bella/Sam being frantic trying to figure out a way for Bella to not go up and go home. Saying they are going about it the wrong way.

      Sam is done in Christie's eyes.

      Tommy has slop farts.


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        10:22 AM

        Cliff has been limp-walking in the BY with Jess. Jack and Sis in the bathroom talking. Christie comes out of the wc and he tells them that he thinks they should resurrect the Gr8tful 8 but bring Cliff and Kat in and leave Nick and Bella out.

        Jack feels that if they bring Cliff and Kat in the group, it will take them past the double eviction time.

        Sis is feeling hurt because Nick pitched to Christie that Nick would keep Tommy from going up and are sure Sis goes up instead. Jack tells her the number 1 rule is to not take things personally.


        • #5
          10:30 AM

          Nick and Bella in bed whispering. They are going over what Bella can say to campaign for peoples votes. BB is sternly telling people it is time to get up for the day!


          • #6
            Christie, Jack, and Cliff talking. Cliff says he knows Bella is going to be on him about whether or not Christie is going to use her power. Christie says she will go in the DR just to freak Bella out. Then when they have the veto ceremony later, the alarms won't go off and Bella is going to be smug thinking she is safe. Then Cliff will put Bella on the block.


            • #7
              Just a quick drive thru update....

              Sam Talked to Cliff .... and told him if he ( Cliff ) was going to put up Bella anyway ... why not let Christie use her power ... to flush it out .... get rid of it ...

              Cliff to Sam - she ( Christie ) promised that she wouldn't use the power against us

              Sam told him that she ( Christie ) also told him that if he put up Jack and Jackson that she wouldn't go against that either ....


              • #8
                Cliff tells Sam it's all about numbers.... he doesn't think they have the votes to keep Bella no matter how she gets up on the block... this way ... he can "cut some losses" and try to create some goodwill with the other side for them....


                • #9
                  Sam tells Cliff they are going to be on the bottom of the numbers...
                  Cliff tells him they will be anyway .... but by doing what he's doing ... he's been able to get Christie to promise that the power won't be used against them


                  • #10
                    Sam to Nicole - we're ****ed.

                    Sam and Nicole talk about how stupid it is that Cliff is putting up Bella and letting Christie keep her power


                    • #11
                      Christie tells Holly that it ( the veto meeting ) is going to be amazing ....

                      Christie - when she ( Bella ) realizes that the alarms are not going off .... and he ( Cliff ) is putting her up anyway ...she's going to lose her **** ...


                      • #12
                        11:57 AM BBT

                        Cliff tells Nick that Bella is going up. He says he hasn't told Bella yet, but he didn't want to blindside Nick. Jackson has been called to the DR so they know the veto ceremony will be coming soon.

                        Nick goes outside and tells Sam that Christie didn't use the power but Cliff made a deal with her and is putting Bella up anyway. Sam said he already heard. Bella is being quiet during all this.


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                          12:06 PM BBT

                          Nick trying to explain to Cliff how what Cliff is doing is going to **** them. Nick says this has nothing to do with Bella, it's just the numbers are down. Nick tells the live feeders to turn the feeds off because there is nothing to see. Jack has just won Big Brother, (you heard it here first folks!!).


                          • #14
                            12:16PM BBT

                            Nick is outside sitting with Jack. He keeps sniffing, so not sure if he has been crying or not (?). For the most part, Jack is sitting stone faced. Nick says he hopes that the group can learn to trust him again. (ohhhhh....Nick is indeed crying). Jack is comforting him. Sis has joined them, but is not saying anything. Jack is stroking Nick's hair () Kitties!!!

                            VETO CEREMONY TIME!!


                            • #15
                              As planned Christie did not use her Diamond Power of Veto.
                              Jackson used his Power of Veto to take himself off the block

                              HoH Cliff nominated Bella as the replacement nominee.

                              Jack and Bella face eviction this week.

                              Cliff to Bella - I'm sorry, it was going to happen either way.


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