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Live Feed Updates - July 24 - Day 36

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 24 - Day 36

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    4:00 BBT
    All HGs sleeping.

    Yesterday, Jackson spent most of the day in the DR talking about his eating non authorized food while a have not and his eating disorder.

    Many of the HGs knew he was doing it, sneaking food and taking multiple, long showers where he would eat it. They didn't seem to be angry about it though.

    Other than that, there were a lot of casual conversations with fluid groups. They hung out in the Have Not room for a while, the HoH, and the lounge. Jack made tacos and all the Haves sat down together to eat.


    • Walleye
      Walleye commented
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      What eating disorder?

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    Some conversations from yesterday:

    1:00 pm BBT
    Sis and Christie discuss who they would like to go to the end with. Christie doesn’t want Jackson to get to the end. Sis doesn’t want to go to the end with Jack. Neither one of them want to go deep with Holly. Christie said she would be bored to death with her if she was with her the final week. Sis doesn’t think she deserves to go deep. They compare her to Victoria. They both were trying to convince the other that they wouldn’t mind going to the end together and that they were both alright with losing to the other (yeah right).

    2:35 pm BBT
    Cliff, Nicole and Kat discuss who they should vote out this week. Nicole suggests for the moral of the house Bella would be the better one to vote out. Kat says she enjoys Jack’s company more than Bella. Cliff suggests if it comes down to a tie he will support them and vote Jack out. They all think they are in a decent place for the next few weeks if they vote out Bella. They think everyone will go after Nick and Sam (Kat even suggested she would put them up if she won HOH). They think if Nick or Sam win HOH they will go after the 6. Cliff thinks a potential path to get farther is to pull in Christie and Tommy into the group. Ding dong, here comes Jess. Jess suggests it is too risky to vote Jack out because they just don’t trust Bella and they would need her to go against the numbers. They are not ready to divide the house. Kat said that Bella has been the meanest to her of anyone in the house. Jess really doesn’t want to alienate Christie now because she wants to pull her over to their group. Nicole also suggests they could pull in Sam after Nick is voted out as an option. They all say how good they feel about their group. Alliance name: Cliff’s Angels, Cliff’s Kitties, or Hogg’s Honeys. I wish I knew how to take a picture of their Cliff’s Angels pose at 3:08 pm BBT on cameras 1/2

    2:09 am BBT
    Bella outlines her campaign strategy to Cliff.

    Pitch to Nicole: Bella is going to stop putting other people’s names in her mouth and Nicole needs to take a leap of faith (lame pitch)

    Pitch to Mickie and Holly:
    1) Jack is a bigger threat than she is - he’s won HOH, the power, and came close on the last HOH
    2) Bella understands that she is not trustworthy but this means she will always be a bigger target for as long as she is there.

    Plus, if Mickie and Holly vote Jack out, they will still have 5 people in their group.

    Sounds compelling (LOL)


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      One more update from yesterday that I forgot:
      3:15 pm BBT cameras 1/2
      Kat briefing Christie now. Both are bashing Jackson and admitting that if he hadn’t won the veto they may have voted him out this week. Both are discussing the possibility of getting him out next week. Kat thinks the best way for her to get her redemption is to back door Mickie. Christie is wanting to mend fences with Cliff and really wants to trust him and proceeds to start crying (sounds like she may be open to working with Cliff’s Angels). They even talked about possibly getting Jack out after Mickie then in walks Jess so that convo ends.


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        11:45ish am BBT cameras 1/2
        Starts with Jack campaigning to Nicole and then moves to Jack briefing Christie on his pitch to Nicole. Cliff walks in and informs them that Bella is trying to flip Mickie and Holly and they even have a keyword that they will say at the last minute to let Nicole, Jess and Kat know they are flipping. The word is “blueberry pancake”. Mickie walks in to the room with Jack, Christie and Cliff and they joke around about the scheme and Christie suggests that Mickie say tomorrow that he is really hungry from being a Have Not and that he can’t wait to have some blueberry pancakes (to taunt Bella).


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          Catching up quickly .... ( sorry that I couldn't be here yesterday... just not feeling 100% )

          They decided to model ...
          Tommy is the host
          Judges are Jackson, Sam and Nicole and they came up with "characters" to portray ...

          Bella chose Christie and Analyse to model

          Kat chose Holly and Jessica

          Jack's models were Nick and Cliff

          Christie was first ...

          The "show" started at about the 3:22 PM BBT mark if you want to FLASHBACK

          This was Holly ...

          This was Jessica...


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            Nick and Cliff ....

            And ... as amazing as that is ....

            The winner of BB Next Biggest Look is....


            Here's a group shot.....


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              Hey guys,

              For anyone who can't get logged in … we had an update .. just before 8 PM ET and apparently that created some login issues. I couldn't get logged in myself! Thought Kenny had parked in front of the door ( just kidding Kenny .. I know it was really Purrwing… )

              I usually login using Chrome...but I was getting no where that way .. so I switched browsers and was able to login via Internet Explorer.

              The powers at be are aware of the situation and they are working to make the corrections..

              Sorry for any inconvenience .. I know I was like WHAT ??? Whadda mean I can't login in … ? Whew!


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                Honestly, there's not much going on "game wise" inside the BB house …

                Bella has given it her best shot

                Cliff told Nick early that he just didn't think it was going to happen .. he offered Nick and Bella the HoH room tonight …. they declined but said they would "use his shower"


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                  Sam has been chatting in the LR about how having a baby changes your life....

                  Tommy's been talking Broadway


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                    Currently …. @ 7:57 PM BBT

                    Bella tells Nicole that she "still has hope"


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                      Tomorrow night should shake things up with the ENDURANCE Head of Household Competition …

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                      I know the update kinda caused some trouble … but it was necessary and again they are working to fix any issues …

                      If nothing else, these people will who have been so comfortable and ****y will have to start turning on their own … so that's something right?

                      We'll be here bringing all the updates on the Endurance HoH Competition as well as the drama that follows.

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