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Live Feed Updates - July 26 - Day 38

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 26 - Day 38

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    4:40 BBT

    Christie and Sis are sleeping with Holly in the HoH. They are talking about Jackson. He is down in the kitchen cleaning and getting coffee ready for tomorrow.

    BB tells them that the lights must stay on if they are talking. They say a little more before saying they're going to sleep.

    They talk about how Jackson can be sweet, but he is a hot head and says things without thinking.

    Holly was talking about what Nick told Jackson about the Flaming 5 Alliance of Nick, Bella, and Christie, Jack, ??. Nick told Jackson that Christie was the one that started it and approached them. Christie explains that Nick suggested it and you just can't say no when someone suggests an alliance, but it was fake and she told them about it two days later.

    Says she will talk to Jackson, but says she will approach it however Holly wants in terms of whether to say Holly talked to her about it.


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      Asleep now.


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        I'm not really able to post much right now...

        but the nomination ceremony is underway


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          Again....not really in a position where I can update right now but....

          Holly nominated Nick and Sam

          ( Shocker ...not )


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            Here's just a quick recap of some of today's events...

            4:04 PM BBT

            Christie and Tommy have their punishment ( from the HoH competition )

            Here's just a quick recap of some of today's events ...

            4:04 PM BBT

            Christie and Tommy got their punishment .... ( from the HoH competition )

            Their "Poison Ivy" outfits ( they gave them several options .. but all are bathing suit type )

            The "reveal" wasn't on the Live Feeds ( it usually is ... but nope .. not this time )

            Christie - I really can't believe that we can't go outside... that sucks ...


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              After her nominations .. Holly told Jackson that Nick and Sam both were expecting to be nominated... but that Sam was "really pissed )

              ( he had spent time trying to talk to her .. telling her that he's not as annoying as Jessica.. that he's better for her game .. etc. She didn't really like what he had to say )

              Jackson to Holly - you made the right decision


              • #8
                Sam told Nick that he will probably throw the veto to him .. if he can ..
                Nick asked why ..
                Sam told him that he thinks that they will nominate Jessica as the replacement nominee ... and want to backdoor her ...


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                  Nick to Sam -- any other season has 2 sides.... we have 1 side and 6 floaters ....


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                    Analyse to Jack - I don't want Nick to stay ...
                    Jack - I don't want either of them to stay ..

                    Analyse - Sam's better for my game.... Nick told me he would put me up ..

                    Jack- they both need to go


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                      Holly told Jackson that she really hopes she didn't "**** herself" ( by nominating both Sam/Nick)

                      Holly - those are two very strong competitors .... who now ... are going to come after me..

                      Jackson tells her that's why he wanted to talk to her before .. ( she made her nominations ) ...

                      Jackson to Holly - the only option would be Nicole ( that she could of put up ) ....

                      Jackson tells her that no matter what .. he supports her 1000%


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                        Holly tells Jackson that the best thing is .. that Kat came to her with a plan ..

                        ( Kat told Holly that she would go up as a pawn if either Nick/Sam won the veto )

                        Holly to Jackson - I'm going to put up Kat as a pawn..... no one will vote her out..... and the house will be reassured that we ( she and Kat ) aren't working together


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                          Currently ...

                          Christie has been talking to Nick about how Bella was ruining his game.... about how/what he did .. hurt his game... etc.

                          Sam, Nicole and Tommy are in there too ...

                          Jackson/Holly .... Analyse/Jack are all in the HoH bed....

                          They are all agreeing that they HAVE to remain strong ... and be the Final 6 ....


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                            Christie, Sam and Nick have joined the HoH people...

                            Cliff is there too


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