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Live Feed Updates - July 27 - Day 39

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 27 - Day 39

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    4:50 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      Flashback 10PM last night BBT

      Announcement in the Living Room. Jessica, Nicole, and Sam are Have Nots because they were the first thee out of the HoH comp.


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        Currently 5:23 BBT,

        Michie got up and was in the Storage room going through food and snacking. He took some stuff to the kitchen then went to the bathroom.

        Cliff got up to use the bathroom too, but had to wait.

        Michie was in the water closet about 8 minutes, then was rubbing his face as he walked back to the kitchen. He started eating again. Double dipping in a container of what i think is peanut butter. He also reaches into the refrigerator and opens containers and takes food out with his fingers. (This guy would be the roommate from hell. He's disgusting.) He's also now picking through the can of nuts and picking out what he wants.
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        • Barbso
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          Ugh. That description just adds to the millions of reasons I cannot stand him! And why I just can’t watch him on the live feeds. It’s torture! If he left, I’d be so happy and get to enjoy my BB again. Will that happen? Thought Holly might help it along....but now it’s a lost cause.

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        9:00 BBT

        Wake up time. HGs are stirring.
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          1:10 BBT

          They picked players for the veto

          Holly picked Tommy
          Nick picked Jessica
          Sam got HG choice and picked Cliff

          Jack is hosting (unless they have a guest host of course.


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            Cliff has talked to Holly, Analyse, and Christie, telling them he thinks it's better if he throws it unless Nick or Sam is about to win. He then tells Jackson in the Storage room. Jackson tells him they're on the same page.

            Holly is really really sore and is worried about her ability to compete. She soaking in the HoH tub now.


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              Currently @ 4:20 PM BBT

              Kat to Christie - today was boring
              Christie - so boring ...

              Christie tells Kat and Tommy that she thinks they will get to watch the veto competition .. she thinks it's too late in the day to be a timed/individual competition ...

              ( we'll see )


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                *** Earlier after the Veto Draw ...

                Cliff talked with Sam and Nick and told them that he will try to win the Veto.
                They asked him if he could, without being too obvious, throw it to Nick ...
                Cliff told them yes

                **yesterday Sam told Nick that if it came down to the 2 of them .. he would throw it to Nick...

                Sam told Nick and Cliff that if he's going.... he would rather go home now to wife and kinds... than just sit and rot in jury


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                  *** Also earlier ...

                  Analyse told Sam that she will do her best to make Nick the target .. if they are both still up on the block after the PoV Competition ...

                  Analyse to Sam - lay low.. don't annoy people.... you didn't listen last time and look what happened.


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                    Back to current

                    Sam to Nick- if you win, great.... , I'm going home to see the boys.,,, if you don't .. noms will stay the same and I would think.... I am still staying

                    Sam to Nick - if you win .. I might yell .. Zack and Bradley, Daddy's coming home.... and I might cry ... just to get some sympathy... so definitely hug me.... so they know it's the end...

                    Nick - I know it's the end .. if I don't win


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                      6:20 BBT

                      Camera 3 was on the Diary room door and then we went to puppies.


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                        Christie and Analyse

                        Analyse talking up Sam to Christie .. tell her that they are "friends" with Sam.. they talk to him .. but don't give him info ....

                        Analyse - and realistically when we get down to the 6 ..... Michie and Jack might win more things.. because of who they are ... and for me.. and sorry .. I don't mean to sound like a savage... but I'd rather someone go after them (Michie/Jack ) before we get to the 6

                        Christie - you're not sounding like a savage... and I'm only saying this to you .. I don't even say this to Tommy .. because Tommy gets mad at me...

                        Analyse - yeah he wants us all to go to the 6 ....

                        Christie- I know.. but he's not even thinking about his own game.. doesn't he know that Michie and Jack would flick us off when they had the chance.. they would

                        Analyse agrees

                        Christie- and I think that Jack is a little "on' about my feelings.... I think he knows how I'm feeling .. he just keeps saying " we just gotta get to the 6 " ...


                        • #14
                          Christie tells Analyse that she's "about ready" to take a shot at Jackson .. "but she won't" ... but when it gets down to the 8 .. she will find friends .. and try to get them to take a shot ...

                          Analyse tells her that's what she's doing with Sam ...


                          • #15
                            Christie and Analyse agree that them getting down to the 6 .. probably won't work out .. but if it does .. it's better for them ( Jack/Jackson) ...

                            Christie - and I'm sorry .. when it comes down to a Mental Competition .. if Jack or Jackson think that they are going to beat me... in a ****ing puzzle.. they are ****ing delusional ....


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