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Live Feed Updates - July 28 - Day 40

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 28 - Day 40

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    5:15 BBT

    All HGs sleeping and some snoring.


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      I'm going to catch us up


      • #4
        Analyse continues to try to work out a way that Sam can stay in the house

        Sam tells Analyse that if Holly puts up Kat, he knows he's probably out .... but if she puts up Nicole, there may be a glimmer of hope for him


        • #5
          Sam talked with Nick and told him the same... if it's Nicole that goes up .. he thinks he might have some hope...


          • #6
            Christie talked more to Tommy about how she wants Jackson out .. wants someone to take a shot at him ..
            Tommy tells her ( like he always does ) that it's " too soon"


            • #7
              Christie tells Tommy that if she has take out Jackson herself .. she will ....

              She says she's done taking out the "Jess's and Nicole's "


              • #8
                Cliff and Jack talked...

                Jack assures Cliff that he's safe for the next couple of weeks.....
                Jack adds that even beyond that with him ....


                • #9
                  Analyse talked with Christie and Tommy ...

                  She tells them that if Sam goes this week .. she wants Nicole out next ...

                  Christie agrees ( even though she just told Tommy she wasn't going to target the Jess's and Nicole's because they weren't a threat to her game )

                  Christie tells Analyse that if Sam is gone and then Nicole... then Nick has no one and she can pull him back in

                  Analyse worries that Nick will target her ...


                  • #10
                    Jack and Cliff continue to talk

                    Jack tells Cliff it would be better for his game if he didn't play in the next 2 Power of Veto comps.... that he needs to lay low ...

                    Cliff tells Jack that he agrees... and that he thinks he'd have a better shot at becoming America's Favorite Player


                    • #11
                      Nick talks to Analyse ... says he needs to regain their trust ... and that he told Tommy the same...

                      She asks if she can really trust him ...

                      He tells her the only way he knows how to prove it ... would be to win the next HoH and not put any of them up

                      Analyse to Nick - I don't care about them..... it's more me

                      He tells her that she will see .. she can trust him ...

                      She says that she doesn't want him to prove it to her "just once" ...

                      He tells her overtime .. she'll see....


                      • #12
                        Kat and Holly talk about the possibility of Kat going up as the replacement nominee

                        They both agree that it would show them separate... no one would know they are working together ....

                        Kat tells Holly her concern is "Cliff's Angel's" coming after her ... not so much Jess... but she doesn't trust Nicole at all ..

                        Holly says she doesn't either


                        • #13
                          Kat tells Holly that she's also scared if she's on the block ... that Jackson would take the opportunity to flip everyone to get her out

                          Holly tells her that Jackson wouldn't do that ... and even if he tried... no one would listen to him ... because everyone loves her


                          • #14
                            Kat tells Holly that she is "totally fine" with being the pawn ...

                            Holly tells Kat that she confident that she would have a unanimous vote to stay


                            • #15
                              Kat then tells Holly that she could .... made a deal with Sam.... and back door Nicole...

                              Holly tells Kat that she doesn't really trust Sam's loyalty ....


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