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Live Feed Updates - July 31 - Day 43

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 31 - Day 43

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    3:20 BBT
    Jess and Nicole talking in the bedroom
    Jack and Tommy talking in the hammock
    Holly, Christie, and Analyse in the HoH talking.


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      Tommy was coming out of the bathroom and Analyse jumped out from behind the Stairs and scared him.


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        Jackson in the kitchen (Shocker, I know)


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          They're pranking each other.

          Someone put every peanut butter jar and jelly jar in the refrigerator.

          Jackson took them all out and refuses to put them back in.
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            Just catching us up ... super quick ...


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              1:15 ish .....

              Christie and Tommy talk about Nick ....

              They agree that Nick won't target them if he ( Nick ) wins HoH ....

              Tommy tells Christie that he would like to see Nick target Jack and Jackson ...

              Christie talks about her Diamond Power of Veto .. and tells Tommy that once she uses it... that's when she thinks that Jackson will target her –


              • #8
                Christie and Tommy also discusses how neither of them really want to win this next HoH .. and how they wouldn't mind if Cliff, Nicole or Jessica won ...

                Christie tells Tommy that if any of them did win and they targeted Jack, Jackson and/or Holly ...she ( Christie ) would not use her power


                • #9
                  Sam talks to Jackson

                  Sam tells him that he never went after them ... that Cliff did that ...

                  Sam to Jackson - I never broke trust ...

                  Jackson tells Sam that even if he did .. it's a game ...

                  Jackson - I respect Cliff


                  • #10
                    Jackson to Sam - I'd rather have you here than go home

                    Sam- I have more to offer than Kat.....


                    • #11
                      Jackson tells Sam that this is "Holly's HoH" and he's going to respect her ...

                      He tells Sam that "the way things look right now ..he's going home"


                      • #12
                        Meanwhile... there's a "Flash Mob" dance rehearsal going on


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                          Sam and Jackson .....

                          Jackson tells Sam that if there's anything that he wants to tell him that will help his ( Jackson's ) game and Nick's game... "it won't fall on deaf ears"

                          Jackson tells him that his ( Jackson's ) name and Jack's name has come up before .... that Christie mentioned them....

                          Sam tells Jackson that Tommy ran to Jack about the "Flaming Five: alliance .. and that then Christie ran back

                          Jackson asks if Christie started the alliance...

                          Sam tells him no .. that Nick did ...

                          Sam to Jackson - don't burn me while I'm still in the house


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                            Sam tells Jackson that he heard Christie and Cliff talking about how Cliff was going to vote... and that Christie was overheard saying that the majority wanted Sam out ..... buy then she ( Christie ) told him ( Sam ) that she wanted him to stay .... and she didn't know what the house was going to do ....

                            Sam tells Jackson about how Christie knew that Jack/Jackson were going up under Cliff's HoH .. and she was fine with it .. as long as she didn't go up .. and how she ( Christie ) said that "she was going to claim" that him ( Jackson ) and Jack ... when they approached her about using her power ... that they ( Jack/Jackson ) were "bullying her" .. and then she would "shut down" and not use it

                            Sam and Jackson talk about how fast Christie flipped .. and how she turned it saying that Sam and Nick were the bullies.....

                            Jackson asks Sam if Christie was willing to vote him out ( prior to him winning the POV)

                            Sam tells him she was all for it ... didn't "give a ****" ....

                            Sam talks about how she agreed not to use her power ....

                            Jackson - and when I won the veto...... it flipped the script

                            They talk again how Christie turned the "bullying" onto Nick/Sam that she had planned on saying about Jack/Jackson ( prior to the veto win )

                            Sam tells Jackson that Christie was like ( to him ) I want you to stay ... but Holly wants you out ...

                            Jackson to Sam - that's not the case

                            Sam asks why he's going home?

                            Jackson tells him that Christie is pushing it ...

                            Sam tells Jackson that if the votes flipped and he stayed and Christie was blindsided,...he wouldn't care if the "**** hit the fam" ....

                            Sam talks to Jackson about if any of the info he tells him would help him be able to stay in the house ...

                            Jackson tells Sam he can talk to Jack ....

                            Jackson asks Sam if Jack was on-board .... would he ( Sam ) and Nick be willing to work with him, Holly, and Cliff to get Christie out.

                            Sam tells him yes....

                            Sam tells Jackson that his game is based on loyalty.

                            Jackson tells Sam that he's never given him a reason not to trust him ... and never given Holly a reason not to trust him ...

                            Jackson tells Sam that he made an enemy out of Christie... and that she did a good job of painting the perfect picture ( against Sam )

                            Jackson tells Sam that he will see what he can do .. he tells him had he not told him all of this ... he would have had ZERO chance of staying ...


                            • #15
                              Jackson and Holly

                              Holly asks if the votes are going to flip ....

                              Jackson tells her that's why he tried to tell her not to put Kat up ...

                              Holly- she ( Kat ) can't go home....

                              Jackson tells Holly that all the questions he had about why Christie was pushing Sam ... just got answered.... h

                              He tells her all about his convo with Sam ...

                              Holly to Jackson - this is the kind of **** that he ( Sam ) needed to tell me before

                              Jackson tells her that Sam won't go after them if he stays....

                              Holly - Kat cannot go home.... I really really do genuinely trust Kat... **** .. I should have put up Nicole.... but if I put up Nicole,... the Six Shooters would have questioned me

                              Holly tells Jackson that she thinks that Kat will take shots for them ..

                              She asks if they really need Sam?

                              Holly says they should get all the info they can from Sam..... but make "damn sure" that he still goes....

                              Jackson - we got suckered by Christie

                              Holly - we did ... but now .. we know ... but we can't let on that we know ...

                              Jackson tells Holly not to stress .. that the votes won't flip .... they will still evict Sam ...


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