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Live Feed Updates - August 1 - Day 44

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 1 - Day 44

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    3:15 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      Just now, Tommy is trying to get Jack and Christie on board to flip the vote to vote out Kat. Tommy and Jack are convinced that Holly, Jackson and Kat know each other from before and that they are in a tight 3 alliance (which they are pretty tightly aligned). Jackson just prior to this had a very rational conversation with Jack telling him that Christie was trying to get people to go after Jack and Jackson (which she was) and Jackson is telling Jack he needs to not play the game with his heart. Tommy and Jack discussed voting Kat out to break up the threesome. They will need to get others on board. Cliff came in and broke up the conversation. Not sure whether they can pull this off but these folks are really paranoid. Six shooters is crumbling.


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        I was just watching this conversation too and then the feeds cut - GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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      Missed tonight's show?

      Catch up here


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        Throughout the yard, ads for camps, given time to study, then True or False questions based on what you saw .. right.. stay in the game.. wrong you are eliminated. Last house guest standing is the new Head of Household.

        We'll bring you the winner of the Head of Household Competition after it plays out and the feeds return ...


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          In the meantime...

          Julie Chen - it's time for you at home to get involved in the next big twist, it's called America's Field Trip, and you get to chose 3 house guests to compete in a new competition. The winner gets safety for the week, the loser gets put on the block as the third nominee. You will be able to vote for more than a week, which means this won't effect the game this coming week, it will effect the following week.


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              Feeds are back


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                Jessica is the new HoH


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                  Nicole and Kat in the Storage Room

                  Nicole telling Kat that Jack/Christie/Nick pulled her ( Nicole ) before the show and said they had 5 votes to evict Kat .. and that she ( Nicole ) would be # 6....

                  Nicole tells Kat that Jack's reason is that Kat, Holly and Jackson know each other ...


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                    Kat to Nicole - I've been planning on backdooring Jackson.... since the second week


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                      Kat tells Nicole that she can't even talk with out Jackson attacking her ...

                      Kat - it doesn't make me feel good.... and it's why I have been feeling so down

                      She talks about her family .... reason she made the speech she did tonight ...


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                        Jessica and Cliff

                        Jessica tells Cliff that she doesn't want to go into a double eviction ( we know it's not .. but they think it is ) .... looking like a target....

                        Cliff tells her that however things play out .. she ( Jess ) is not the primary target...

                        Cliff to Jessica- there's going to be bigger targets now that this group has split up how it has.

                        Jessica tells him she needs to know how ( why ) it split up


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                          Cliff tells Jessica that biggest thing is... they all are safe for one more week ...

                          Jessica agrees....

                          Cliff - who knows who would have been going up ( if she hadn't won )


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                            Nicole asks Kat ... why .. true or not ... would Michie tell Jack that Holly and Kat know each other ...

                            Nicole tells Kat that everyone thought that he ( Jackson ) was throwing her ( Kat ) under the bus... and that's why everyone didn't vote her out


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