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Live Feed Updates - August 5 - Day 48

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 5 - Day 48

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    3:35 BBT

    All HGs sleeping.


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      I'm just going to add a few highlights for yesterday...... ( I could not be here yesterday, family member in the hospital )

      Jack's punishment began .... sounds like there was an "alien" that visited him .... his punishment does impact the house as well ....

      Tommy continues to run through the house at the speed of light, sound, smell

      Christie vows if Kat votes to keep Jackson and she ( Christie ) wins HoH .. she will target Kat ...

      Tommy agrees with Christie - they say they will nominate Kat and Holly ... let Jackson stay .. .since he wouldn't be a threat at the end of the game...

      Nick promised both Kat and Jess that he will vote out Jack

      Christie plans on trying to pull Cliff back to her side.. by telling him there's an "all girl alliance"

      Nick tells Analyse and Tommy that no matter what Jess wants.... she will get it .. if she wants Jackson .. .the vote will be 8/0 to get him out the door ... if she wants Jack to go .. it will be 4/4 and she will break the tie.... to evict

      Analyse and Tommy talk about offering Cliff and Nicole 3 weeks of safety.... if they keep Jack and then the targets will be Holly, Kat and Jessica before them ( Nick/Nicole)

      Christie and Jack work on how to get Cliff back .... Christie tells Jack to make Cliff seem useful to them... promise him safety about loyalty... ( she actually said "PREACH loyalty) .... ( I know right? )

      Both Cliff and Jessica are still worried about Nick .. and where he stands ( even though he's promised to vote out Jack )

      Cliff says he trust Holly more than Nick at this point.

      Nicole continues to vouch for Nick.

      Tommy tells Analyse that they could just let this week play out .. rather than trying to fight it ... and if Jack does go .. then they could pull Nick/Holly/Jackson back over ... have the numbers again ...

      Analyse points out that Jackson does not want to work with Christie at all

      Analyse talks to Nick about getting Cliff back on their side...

      Nick tells Jack that he needs to talk to Cliff

      Cliff tells Nick that he knows that Christie is the reason why he's where he is right now .. and he's "over it"

      Christie turned on the tears with Jessica .. saying that next week..she ( Christie ) will be the target....

      Christie tells Jessica that if Jack is the one to go ... that is fine with her ... she will even vote him out ... so that Jess doesn't have to break a tie.

      Jack tried his hand at talking to Cliff

      Nick tells Tommy that he loves Christie .. but is scared of her.

      Nick and Tommy talk about how Christie is Vanessa Rousso 2.0 ..... all the crying and emotions ...

      Analyse tried her hand at talking to Cliff

      Cliff tells Holly/Jess/Kat and Nicole about Jack and Analyse campaigning ...

      Jessica told Holly that if she felt like Jack wasn't going to be the one to go .. she would pull Jackson down and put up someone else ... but she thinks Jack will go ...

      Holly agreed.

      ( that's most of what happened .... again sorry I couldn't be here )


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        Jessica did not use the Power of Veto

        Jack and Jackson remain on the block

        Jack is the target .... for now.

        ( I'm really not here ...just got off work... now walking out the door to the hospital ... if ANY ONE can help update ... it would be MUCH appreciated )


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