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Live Feed Updates - August 7 - Day 50

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 7 - Day 50

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    Listening to live feeds from yesterday and Michie has a professor punishment where he gets blasted with gunk. I’ll give more details when I see it. Heard on the feeds yesterday morning at 5:45 a.m. that Michie got called when he was washing his clothes and had to pull his wet clothes out of the washer to put them on for his punishment. So if you want to be entertained, flash back to that!


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      Thanks for the info...nothing Jackson does entertains me, though😝

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    2:20 p.m. BBT 8/6 cameras 3-4
    Jack starts discussing with Tommy, then Christie and finally Nick how he plans to campaign to Nicole. He is considering offering her 3 weeks of safety. Jack and Tommy discuss how Kat is playing both sides. They are deciding how to get Cliff’s vote too. Maybe use the fact that Holly wanted Christie to use her power to put Cliff up and vote him out. Jack also talks about using his campaign speech to expose Kat. Nick suggests to encourage Cliff that Jack can be a strong guy to back him up since he might be worried about an all girl alliance. At the same time that Nick is strategizing with the group about Jack’s campaign, Jess tells Holly that she is worried about Nick’s vote at 2:42 p.m. (LOL). (This is the first game talk after listening for 4 hours!). They also discuss how they can expose that Kat knew about the vote flip but didn’t want to vote with them so she could remain the mole. Sounds like the plan is to really throw Kat and Holly under the bus.


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      11:30 AM BBT

      Jack tells Sis, Christie and Nick that he is just going to campaign "generally" today and save the real stuff for tomorrow morning so Jackson has less time to rally. Nick tells Jack that Jackson was looking for Jack to talk things over. Jack leaves to find Jackson. Sis tells Christie and Nick that she thinks Jack should go after Kat today so she is rattled.

      Jack and Jackson are hashing it out. Jackson says that he told Jack about Holly and Kat knowing each other the first week. Jack still claims the way he said was different back then versus the way he said it the other day. Jack finally admits that he screwed things up when he told everyone, but he thought he was protecting the house.

      They both say they are still buds and whichever one of them goes tomorrow night, the other was is already doomed. They both agree that both of them are sitting there with their dicks in their hands.


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        {{Super Lexie is a RockStar for sure! I am sorry I've not been here/able to help... but MAJOR KUDOS TO YOU LEXIE for all you do, even with a hurt arm and then some!! I was gonna go grab highlights from yesterday (the 6th) since we didnt have any and throw a few of those in...but so far scanning through FlackBack, I haven't found much really to talk about except what nannicarol (thanks, BTW!) mentioned above sooo I'll go scan through today and see if there's anything worth noting }}

        Looks like yesterday throughout the day and evening, there was mostly just general chit chat/hanging out interspersed with a little 'game talk' here & there ..mostly about the punishments, Jack's "campaign" plans (to try to get votes), how the votes might go (or not), when the DE might be,
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          Tommy & Nick talk about how they're voting... Tommy has no reason to vote to keep Jack and says he'd rather show his loyal to Jackson & everyone by keeping him (Jackson) He says Jackson has told him he would not put him OTB.

          Christie plans to go hard for the HOH win and/or POV because it's clear her game is on the line.

          Jack & Jackson talk to 'clear things up' between them before one of them leaves tomorrow.. Jack tells him that really the drama all started when Jackson said that Kat & Holly know one another before coming into the House with such certainty but Jackson denies having any real solid evidence about that (Holly/Kat knowing one another)

          Jackson tells Jack they are going to look dumb when this is over when stuff about Christie is revealed/they know the real deal.

          Jackson says he isn't going to campaign against Jack. They talk about how now it's Jess, Nicole & Cliff as one side and Christie, Tommy & Sis as the other side. Nick's in the middle.. Jack says so is Kat.

          Jacks says Jackson has his vote if he makes it to Final 2.

          Holly dreamed about getting out of the House and being hated by America. her ex and new gf were in the dream too. She is worried about how she's being "portrayed". Christie has also dreamed bad dreams apparently. says she dreamed that her IG had 0 followers and something about a pic on her IG with no likes on it except from her own dad. (lol)

          Nick & Jackson talk and Nick says he will give HOH to Jackson if it's down to just the 2 of them. Jackson talks about how he has an explosive speech but not sure he wants to use it in case it would cause the votes to end up against him after all and maybe he doesnt want it to make Jack go out in such a way. He says he can possibly chalk Jack betraying him in the house as "game" but if he was to do that outside, that's it..he'd be done. Nick tells him just to lay low.
          They talk about if Christie wins HOH if she'd put Jackson back up OTB and who might go up against him. (they think Holly or Cliff)

          Jack talks to Tommy about his talk with Jackson and says he (Jackson) was trying to dig for things to use against him (Tommy) and says he (Jackson) will get dirty

          Jacks talks to Nick..believes he'd have no problem getting Cliff & Nicole on his side/to keep him. Nick tells him Kat is who he needs to talk to at night just before bed so then she will go to bed with Jess & Nicole and they'll talk about it. Jack plans to somehow get Cliff to tell Nick how he's voting

          Jackson is campaigning to different folks...with Nicole... he tells her to vote how she would like but if it's him, he would be grateful...says he hates that word so much... says he has PTSD from the word (ugh) ..he tells her he knows who he is coming after should he stay...if it's DE he has people "on his radar" and he thinks they have the same people in mind. He tells her she is so far down the list of people he has in mind for targets..that she's probably 11 of 11 besides Holly (um.. lol)

          Then he is with Kat to campaign.. she tells him she's thinking she will put him OTB as a pawn if she wins HOH.. she says that Nicole & Cliff want Christie gone but Jess wants Tommy gone. She tells him all along the things she thought he had done it was actually Christie. She talks about it being DE possibly (they assume this week is gonna be DE) and how she'd put up either him against Christie or him against Tommy ..Jackson tells her it would be better if it's him vs Christie..better chance for Christie to be voted out. they talk more and joke about the "threemance"

          Jackson campaigning continues ...He talks to Sis, and Christie (during which Christie, of course, cries a lot) ... he talks to both of them (Sis & Christie) with pretty much the same 'campaign' ... Christie cries tells him she loves him... says she has never said if she won HOH that she would put him OTB or backdoor him or come after him at all.. she tells him 'on her sister's life' that she never said those things (*ahem* cries and lies girl..cries and lies lol)

          {{okay so there are a few 'highlights' from today so far and current as I got (up to about 20 mins or so ago...I shut the feeds down just after 1-1:15ishPM BBT) .... but for now, I gotta go mow the lawn before storms move in so I'll pop back in later if at all possible to see if any more highlights are needed }}


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            Catching us up....

            From where Shan left off....


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              Jack and Cliff talked.....

              Jack told Cliff that he assumes that if Jessica had to break a tie.. that she would vote to keep Jackson
              Cliff told him yes ... that's pretty much how he understands it would go

              Jack and Cliff talked about how/what would happen moving forward....

              Cliff tells Jack that he's interested in having people that have his back ....

              Cliff asks Jack if they did something together ... would it include Cliff being in meetings with the others ... because that's important to him ...

              Jack tells him that he wants to offer him ( Cliff ) a deal of immunity from himself as well as "others" that he trusts ...

              Cliff tells him that is very important to him ...

              Jack tells Cliff that he's a man of his word .. and he gives Cliff his word....

              Jack tells Cliff that he knows for sure ... that Tommy and Analyse would give him ( Cliff ) 3 weeks..... and he ( Jack ) would offer him 4 weeks.... with the understanding that if he ( Cliff ) won HoH .. he would not put them up ...

              Cliff tells Jack that if he's going to flip ... there's no sense in him using Jack as a shield... because it would all be out in the open ...

              Jack tells Cliff that he wants to be a "shield in the game" ... he wants to prove himself...

              Cliff tells Jack that people will be pissed....

              Jack tells Cliff that he will have his back....


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                Cliff asks Jack about how close he is with Christie.... knows they were tight... asks him ..if that's not still the case

                Jack tells Cliff that Christie is someone he's loyal to ... and said he would "die for in this game" and that he still stands by that .. and that might take him down this week ....

                Jack tells Cliff he's not sure how much he can trust Christie moving forward ... BUT ... he does trust her ... this week ...


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                  Jack to Cliff - I'm guaranteeing you 4 weeks with me. ( in the game )

                  Cliff- that's a helluva ....

                  Jack - and.... you have 2 other people ( Tommy/Analyse ) that are guaranteeing you 3 ( weeks in the game )


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                    Jack tells Nick/Analyse and Tommy that he thinks that Cliff is going to take the deal .... and that Cliff will tell him tomorrow at noon

                    (high noon Cowboy... lol )


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                      Cliff talks to Jackson about Jack's pitch to him ... and how Jack told him that he could/would have been part of the 8 ... but that Jackson and Holly shut that down

                      Jackson tells Cliff that he knows where they ( he and Holly ) stand with him ...

                      Cliff tells Jackson that he doesn't believe for a second that Jack was "clamouring" go get him into the group ( of 8 ) ...

                      Cliff to Jackson - I know where it's at


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                        Cliff tells Jackson about how Jack told him .. promised him ... immunity from Tommy and Analyse .. and from Jack ... and how they were bringing in him ( Cliff ) and Nick ... once Jackson was out the door ...


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                          Cliff to Jackson - you have my vote... you don't have to campaign


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                            Jackson and Cliff both say they want to work with each other ... and both say they are going all in for the HoH

                            Cliff tells Jackson that he knows if he ( Jackson ) goes out the door tomorrow .. that he ( Cliff ) is next.... because he knows that Tommy and Analyse are gunning for him ...

                            Cliff talks about how they need to keep their eye on Analyse.... because he knows she will be more than pissed at him ( Cliff )


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