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Live Feed Updates - August 8 - Day 51

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    Christie to Analyse - there are lessons to learn .. he ( Cliff ) should have taken the deal

    Analyse - I know....

    Christie - but he didn't ... and there are consequences for that


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      Analyse tells Chriistie that she thinks Kat's dangerous too ... but doesn't see her winning any HoH's ... as long as she's not on anyone's radar...

      She talks about how Kat .. will throw an HoH .... and how that makes it easier for one of them to win


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        Tommy now tells Holly and Jackson that he's not even going to bounce ideas off of anyone ... including Analyse .....

        He says he said before he was only going to talk to her .. about his thoughts on what he should/will do .. but now he's not ...

        Tommy says he's going to make his decisions on his own


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          Christie tells Analyse that she'snot going to give her opinion to Tommy .. unless he asks for it

          Analyse tells Christie that Tommy doesn't want to put up Holly or Jackson ....

          She says that he should .... put up both of them... someone wins Veto .. take one down ... put up Cliff


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            Analyse to Christie - you ( Cliff ) should have taken the ****ing deal ....

            Analyse - I hope he ( Cliff ) is ****ting his pants right now.... he literally could have took the deal and Jack would still be here .... Tommy could of still won ... and Cliff would be safe...

            Christie- this is his ( Cliff's ) worst nightmare


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              The speculation about what Tommy will do continued....

              Now .. just everyone sitting around talking .. waiting for him to get his HoH room

              10:32 PM BBT - Tommy gets called to the DR

              ( I really wish I could stay ... but I can't ... gotta be up in just a few hours )


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