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Live Feed Updates - August 9 - Day 52

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 9 - Day 52

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    Paranoia and Speculation is rampant in the house with a little game of telephone mixed in.

    Nick and Nicole speculated who would go up. Nick said that Kat could go up, so Nicole went and told Kat that she could go up, so Kat went upstairs and told Tommy that Nicole told her that Nick said Tommy told him Kat was going up.

    Cliff and Nicole talked about Kat being stupid to do that. Nick went upstairs a little before this talk and did some damage control with Tommy.

    Analyse and Tommy talked about how dangerous Kat is.

    Nicole now monologuing to the camera about Kat opening her big mouth now Nicole is in a pickle and Nicole now has to lecture Kat. She says now she knows not to tell Kat sh**. she's trying to figure out if she can get Kat alone.


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      Discussion with Tommy and Christie of Cliff/Kat nominations. Analyse also in on discussions.


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        HGs were woken up about 8am BBT

        They were waking up, drinking coffee, eating and getting ready.

        They went to puppies and kittens about 11, presumably for the field trip.

        Unknown when they will come back or even if they'll come back before Tommy names his nominees.


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          Back. Christie lost and is on the block as a third nominee.

          Jackson, Analyse, and Christie were voted to go on the field trip.
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            Jackson won and is safe (Of course he was safe anyway)


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              Analyse tried to throw it so Christie wouldn't go on the block.

              Jackson told Holly that if Christie stays on the block it's a good opportunity to get her out with no blood on their hands.


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                Kat talks to Tommy and brings up the point that she would never vote out Christie.


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                    Jess up talking to Tommy now.
                    Hard Decisions...
                    Jess wouldn't want to use the veto and Tommy have to get more blood on his hands.

                    Jess considers Christie an ally. Tommy really doesn't want Christie to go home. Jess brings up using the veto on Christie. Tommy says if she would consider that, great.

                    Jess says she trusts Tommy and Christie.


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                      Jess tells him to go with his gut. Go with people that he thinks can make what he wants happen


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                        Nominations today is now up on the tv screen in the living room.


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                          Holly up now.


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                            Nicole stopped in briefly and said everything she said last night still stands.

                            Christie and Analyse go upstairs. Tommy reassures her they have the votes to keep her.


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                              In the bedroom Kat, Jess, and Nicole talk and say that whatever happens and whoever is up. As long as Christie stays up they have the votes to keep their side safe.


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