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Live Feed Updates - August 15 - Day 58

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 15 - Day 58

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    Well, Jess overheard about Christie, Tommy, Sis, Nick, Nicole, and Cliff and blew stuff up overnight. Arguments in multiple configurations occurred and they are on-going.

    I haven't found the start point exactly, maybe around 12:00-12:30 BBT.


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      Happy Live Eviction AND Endurance Comp Day!!

      Eek! So much has been happening today.

      I listened to some of the early morning stuff. Holly went and told Tommy how unfair this new alliance is that includes everyone except Holly, Jackson and Jess. Tommy denies that it's actually not an alliance but a one week deal. Tommy says that everyone else turned it into an alliance.

      Jackson confronts Tommy and Sis about what he overheard in the wee hours overnight, which was that Christie and Sis (and I think Tommy) said Jackson and Holly can't win anything and booting Kat out will just weaken them more. Sis denies she said it and then she and then she amends it to she said some stuff just not those exact words. Sis said she was furious with Holly because she heard that Holly called her a mean girl and Sis does not want her girls that she coaches/mentors to hear that.

      In real time, Nicole is trying to repair things with Tommy (because she is the one who told Jess about the new alliance forming that did not include Jess and then Jess confronted everyone and then everyone started trying to save their own behinds and beans were being spilled by everyone about everyone).

      Cliff and Holly are trying to repair things because Holly is mad that Cliff made an alliance with the others and Cliff doesn't know if he can trust Holly anymore because he had asked if she would play veto for him and she had told him she would play, but she wouldn't use it to take him off the block.

      This is what has happened in a teeny tiny nutshell.


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        Jess and Kat whispering about the events. Jess tells Kat that she is really wondering about Nicole. She thinks maybe Nicole is making things out to be bigger than they really are and that Nicole has always told people information and it never made since to Jess. Jess says it also pisses her off that Nicole had Jess convinced that there was no way they could keep Kat. Jess said that's stupid because if they would vote with Jackson and Holly, Kat would stay. Kat says Nick thinks he is the puppet master of the game. Kat also says she is so hurt and upset with Cliff for making deals and leaving Jessica out of them.

        Kat says her only regret was that she wasn't the comp beast she should have been. She says she is actually excited about going to jury tonight after everything that happened yesterday.


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          HoH Endurance Competition .... Live on the Feeds Now ...


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            Fill your mug with beer from the barrel .. slid down your lane... fill your stein ... first person to fill their stein and remove the ping pong ball .. becomes the new Head of Household.


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                Jackson/Nick/Christie are the Top 3 for now ...


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                    Jackson's is right beside of Cliff ...


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                      Nick ...


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                        Looks like...

                        Jackson in the lead....
                        Followed by Christie ...
                        Then Nick ...


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                          "like a hippopotamus on a high wire"


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                            Jackson clearly in the lead...


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                              Jackson had a "wardrobe malfunction" so he just took off his pants... and kept going ...


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