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Live Feed Updates - August 17 - Day 60

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 17 - Day 60

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    6:14AM BBT
    All cams on sleeping HGs

    {{gonna go see if I can grab some highlights from yesterday/last night}}


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      Most of the first part of the day yesterday was spent with HGs talking about noms.. Jackson talked to a few people.... he said his noms were going to be straight game based and not personal or emotions based.

      when he talked to Jess he told her he loves her to death, respects her, she isn't going up... even though they haven't been necessarily 'aligned' with one another, he's done nothing to hurt her game. and what he's about to do with noms will be the same (will help not hurt her game) says the three of them (Jess, Holly and him) should know they are on the outside and not really with any of the others/alliance or otherwise. they should work on their own games but also "scratch each others backs" at the same time.

      he talked to Christie and told her he knew if he didnt get HOH this week he would be OTB and out the door. he talks about how deals were made and he, Holly & jess werent a part of any of those. Christie tries to explain why he was 'left out' of all that because he was safe (he had safety from the Field Trip thing) and it was mainly just Tommy wanting to put the Six back together. Jackson tells her he doesn't do drama and emotional stuff but respects game and that he sees through fake sh*t and doesnt like fakeness.

      he talked to Nick and told him he is tired of people talking **** behind closed doors and then it gets spread and wrong info told or made drama or worse (like a game of telephone) says he plans to nom those in his way for his game. says he doesnt want to hear any drama after noms.

      earlier in the first part of the morning he has already told Holly he was nom'ing Christie & Sis ..later she asked if he was still feeling good with that plan and he was.

      alot of chit chatting throughout the day as well. they talk about the Hide & Go Veto comp that may be coming up they will play it. say they won't dump stuff like milk or sugar and also agree they won't destroy anyone's stuff.

      Christie & Sis talked and compared their talks with Jackson from earlier. talk about how he asked/talked about 'the deals' he wasn't a part of. Sis says she just told him she didnt know a lot about any of that and Christie said she told him that there was no F6 but there were deals just to keep some people safe and that it was about Tommy mostly wanting to get five of them back on track/together. they talk about how Jackson said his noms will be about game only and no personal. Sis tells Christie she hates everyone in the House and she doesnt know what she will do if Christie is evicted ..that she will not want to be there anymore and she's crying. she talks about how the game is 'way harder than she thought' Tommy comes in and tries to comfort and pep talk both of them. Christie says she's over it, ready to go to Jury and that she misses her friends outside. she is crying hard (geez)

      Christie says she knows she is loud and very opinionated ..she knows that's not good in this game and she has tried to not be that way but didnt' feel like her true self. Nicole joins and listens to Christie who continues to cry even more and tells them how she stands up for people (outside in 'real' life) but can't do that in the house/game..


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        while the 'cry fest' was going on ... Jackson & Holly talk and she asked him if he's found out anything and he tells her he found out it was Nick that came up with the deal (F6) instead of Cliff. they talk about how Christie needs to go and so does Nick but if Nick is OTB he'd be more likely to get voted out than Christie she needs to go first. Holly wonders if there's a chance to repair the relationship with Christie in a way that she wouldn't put the two of them OTB and Jackson says nooo and says he is NOT going to pass up this opportunity this late in the game to take a shot and get Christie out. Holly says she has to try to make things good with her & Nick because who else would he have as a target if he were to get HOH...Jackson tells her he thinks it would be her & Jess. Jackson talks about putting up Sis & Christie but that Nick could play/win POV.. not sure if that happens should he somehow let Nick know that if he used Veto, he would then renom Tommy..Holly says he needs to be subtle about it and let Nick know that if he wins not to use it.

        Jackson talks to Cliff and tells him there are no bad feelings about the deal made last week .says they should work together now..the two of them along with Holly and Nicole to get rid of big targets. Cliff says they only need 3 votes to evict but working together ....if it's not done without everyone knowing about it, it will blow up. Jackson saying his noms will be risky but high reward.

        Jackson saying he came to play BB so let's play BB. Cliff wants to hurry and do noms befor some other twist comes along and messes it up. after they are done talking, Cliff talks to us feeders and says he's excited! says he has to play his own game and that if Jackson is serious about them working together he thinks this is his best move going forward. He loves this game!

        Noms happened around 4PM-ish BBT ..well feeds went to those cute furry babies for about an hour then back with Sis & Christie OTB (yippee! lol)
        a little bit of sniffles and crying with the two of them. they talk and Sis says *she* is a bigger threat (ummm.... ok? lol) but Christie tells her no, it's very clear that Jackson wants her (Christie) gone and that Sis is just the pawn. She tells Christie to just really gun for the Veto ..Christie tells her yeah but it will still suck even if she won POV and took herself off because Sis would still be up there. she says maybe it'll be DE and they can both go to JH with Jack (umm.. lol) Sis says if Jackson really wanted to compete then why wouldnt he leave them (the two of them) to the very end and compete then. says it's annoying but she knew this was going to happen. She says at least one of them will get to be with Jack anyways and Christie tells her she (Sis) wants to be with Jack but she (Christie) wants to be there with Kat. Holly & Tommy join them and Tommy of course trying to console them about it. Holly is just kinda there. Christie saying she wont cry much anymore because she did a lot of that during Tommy's HOH when she was 3rd nom but that was because it was *literally* not fair (good grief) Sis says she is emotional because she's OTB with her best friend.Christie agrees that is the worst part. Christie says she 'gets it' and she's not going to be emotional and Tommy tells her to stay positive..he says they just need to rest up for Veto comp...says one of them can win and both still end up staying. Christie wants ZingBot to come in ..says she wants to get zinged and she'd be proud to go after that. When Holly leaves, Sis gives her the middle finger (of course behind her back) and says "you KNEW what was giong to happen" and Christie says that everyone is just fake.

        Nick joins the group and checks on the girls. Christie tells him it's's a game. Nick tells them he is going to tell Jackson he will fight for the Veto for them and take one off...says Jackson may be cool with that... Tommy agrees (uhh... remember y'all..the plan is that Jackson is gonna make sure Nick understands if he wins/uses the Veto that Tommy will be the replacement nom)


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          group continues talking about noms/Jackson... Christie said they are not the only ones in Jackson's way her on that... and if he (Jackson) thinks he even has a shot of winning he must be delusional. Tommy says it's just annoying that he took a shot at his team, and that means took one at them all too. Tommy leaves. Nick still talking to Sis & Christie... says he thought he was going to go up (though, we know that Jackson told Nick he wasn't gonna touch that block so Nick knew better kinda) Nick saying how bad he feels and Christie tells him not to... the universe will have their backs.

          Tommy went to HOH and talked to Jackson... Jackson tells him that he heard the two of them (Sis & Christie) talking about him in HN room ... how he he had no allies anymore in the game... he knew then that the two of them were his biggest threats in the game. says he didnt want to put up a pawn but that there is a reason why it's not Tommy up OTB with Christie... says Veto will be a tricky one for him. Tommy tells him he gets it...he's still with them...says it's different with his relationship with the two of them (Holly & Jackson) as compared to his with the other group. says he knows/gets it because a group of six was formed with the key purpose was to go after them (Jackson & Holly) if any of them got HOH so yeah, he gets it and isn't upset about noms. says he understands it's game. Tommy tells him if he gets to play in POV comp he is going to go for it and if he wills, they can go from there.

          back to Sis/Christie/Nick... he told them if it's the hide & go veto comp, they should tell one another where they hid it. Sis said she'd rather Veto be used on Christie because she thinks she would have votes to stay. She says best case is Christie coming off the block and Nick going up as renom. She hopes he doesnt get to play in veto..if he did/won she would tell him to use it on Christie.

          Sis says several times how she is sick of Jackson & Holly, if she gets HOH she will put them both OTB. she hates them, she is sick of them..more sick of Holly than Jackson. they talk about how fake Holly she is just jealous of how close Sis & Christie are. Christie going on about how this isn't how the universe works... it works in *her* favor... it's going to be vindication because they are BOTH going to stay this week. At one point, Sis tells Christie to come over to her so they can look at the cam and she talks to "America"..saying if there is ever a week to give a secret power, it's this one. she begs America to give her a power... (pfffft lol)

          Tommy back with the girls... telling them about his talk with Jackson had told him he overheard the girls talking in HN room and that's why he nom'd them. Sis says it's annoying and she's really trying not to go off but.. they talk about POV comp... Tommy told Christie she needs to be pick Nick if she gets HG choice, when she asks why Nick, Tommy tells her that Jackson told Nick he was not putting him up.... Sis says nick just *has* to win and take Christie down.

          Christie talks about how Holly & Jackson shouldnt have 'jumped ship' when Jess was HOH if they still wanted to be 'in' with the group... Tommy corrects her and says but that isn't what happened, they didn't actually "jump ship" Tommy tells her he wants to bring what's the left of the Six Shooters back together and she tells him while she respects him and what he wants, she will not work with them (Jackson & Holly) again. She knows he wants to keep his relationship with those two intact and he says it isnt about that he just doesnt feel the same as she does about it/them..his truth is different than hers ....Christie again tells him he has to do what he feels is best for his game but she is not ever working with them again.


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            Nick & Sis talk... she tells him she wants him to take Christie off the block if he plays/wins Veto... he tells him no he can't do that... he says 'because he promised' ... he asks her why she is throwing her game away... she tells him she wants all of them to stay and go after Jackson & Holly.. he tells her she is being stupid and he is not going to send her to the JH. she tells him she is sure she will have the votes (to stay) if she stays OTB. he tells her that is ballsy of her... she says she knows but she believes she will have the votes..she thinks even Holly will vote to keep her. the go round and round but it's mostly all him trying to convince her NOT to try to stay on the block and her trying to convince him why it should be that way.

            Tommy, Sis & Christie talk ... (dang these people can whisper! geesh!) best I can get from this chat is that they wanna try to get to Holly...see if they can get her to talk to Jackson/change his mind on things.... using the "you know America is watching" spiel

            Christie & Sis talking and saying some not so nice things... like Christie wants to put poison in Jackson's shower... Sis wants to throw all his protein bars away or rub them on certain parts of their body or in the toilet... they look at the cams and say "just kidding!!" (uhhh... )

            Cliff/Nicole in HOH talking with Holly/Jackson... Jackson telling how he made the decision on his noms... they are happy with it Jackson wants to work with the two of them.. to get out the other side. Nicole & cliff seems down with that.

            later Nick talks to Jackson & Holly... he is saying he'd just rather not play in veto... doesnt want to be picked to play if it's HG choice... says if he plays/wins he has promised Sis to have her back. Jackson tells him he would rather him use it on Sis but not really on either. Nick again says he would just rather not even play. Jackson lets him know in a roundabout way that if the Veto gets used he will use Tommy as renom ...if Tommy wins Veto and uses it then Nick would probably be the renom... Jackson tells Nick that he (Nick) and Tommy are basically in the same boat but just opposite people (Nick for Sis... then Tommy would be renom'd..and Tommy for Christie with Nick being renom) Jackson tells him bottom line he will respect Nick's choice to do what is best for his own game....they are at a point where they should all be doing what is best for their game and not others.


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              Tommy talks to Jackson & Holly... Holly tells him she is letting Jacson make his own decisions.. she wants to talk to the gilrs but says she feels awkward... esp since Jackson overheard them and then they lied to his/their faces about it. She wishes those two (Christie & Sis) would stop being mean and try to repair the friendship they all had built. She tells him that the noms were because of the deal made last week to target the two of them (Jackson & Holly) ... Tommy tells her he didnt even want a group deal..he wanted individual deals but it happened the way it happened. Jackson tells him he would prefer the POV doesnt even get used but if it does he would like it to be on Sis and not Christie. The reason he put Sis OTB was so that Christie wouldnt have her (Sis) vote. Jackson said he talked to sis but Tommy says she keeps saying she was blindsided ...Jackson says probably because I implied it (that he might nom her) but didnt straight tell her he was

              Jess/ Christie/ Sis talk... they say they think Nick threw the HOH... talk about how good at the game he is... Sis wants one of the three of them (boy she is really counting on both of them staying huh?) to win this week's HOH and flip the House

              there is talk about what the POV comp might be, speculating about DE, they talk about seasons of BB they've seen///who is a recruit or superfan, etc

              as they settled in for the night last night.. Sis, Jess & Christie talk a bit more... what the Veto will be... they think Nick will throw it... Sis says she will make him promise to throw it... Sis says one of them will win POV and both will stay and they are going to "flip this mf'ing house"

              that's about it for yesterday/last night...sorry if I missed anything... Flashback was giving me fits lol

              they all were in bed/settled/sleeping by 4am-ish I believe.

              gonna go current to see if anything happening yet today...


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                Currently @ 8:41AM BBT
                looks like BB is waking the hamsters up for the day.... sleepyheads milling around/waking/getting fresh batteries/Jackson eating (lol)..the usual morning routine in the BB House

                {{I have been here a bit longer than I planned so I gotta cut out for now..... will come back later today if I can..but hopefully someone will drop in to LFU for us throughout the day? ANY help is MUCH appreciated }}


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                  POV Players were picked this morning....

                  Jackson - HOH
                  Sis and Christie - Nominees
                  Picked Players are Holly, Cliff, and Nick

                  Nick says if he wins he will take down Sis. Replacement would then be Tommy according to Jackson.

                  POV is playing out now at 1:55 PM BBT. Tommy is hosting.


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                    3:15 BBT

                    Puppies and kittens, people.

                    For new eyes, that means feeds still down.


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                      Feeds back at 3:40 PM BBT and Jackson is wearing the POV necklace! Christie is sniffling and crying under the covers.


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                        ( Sorry that I haven't been able to update ... it's just been tough in my world )

                        I have just a moment to add this .. and I will try my best to get back here later ...

                        Jackson told Holy that he wants to talk to Analyse and remind her that she's not going anywhere this week.
                        He says he told Analyse to have some "blind faith" in him and that he wants to remind her that she's only on the block to ensure that Christie goes home this week.

                        He also told Holly that he wants to make sure that Analyse's attitude won't potentially jeopardize the votes this week.
                        Holly assures him that she doesn't think that will happen.


                        Christie and Analyse are still begging you ( America ) for a twist... secret power...

                        Christie - ( to you America ) I'm not ready to go yet. ....I have so much fight left in me...... I ****ing love this game.... give us something....

                        Jackson and Nick talking .... Jackson telling Nick that Analyse is taking this personal .. but it's not personal to him ... she was always the pawn ...

                        Jackson also tells Nick that he's good with him ...
                        Nick to Jackson - I'm not putting you or Holly up next week....that's not even a question.... and you already know who I want to go after....

                        ( it's Jessica )


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