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Live Feed Updates - August 18 - Day 61

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 18 - Day 61

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    5:00 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      Catching us up quickly ....

      Last night ....

      Jackson did talk to Analyse and let her know that there was nothing personal on his part in him nominating her ...

      She told him she was upset ... and more upset with Holly than him ....

      After they talked... she told Jackson that she understood and that she respected his "game move" ...

      Jackson told Holly about how Analyse is/was upset with her... and thought that she ( Holly ) was being disingenuous about her being nominated.

      Jackson told Holly that he told Analyse that Holly didn't know who he was going to nominate...and that she ( Holly ) should stick with that story when talking to Analyse.


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          Cliff lead off this morning with some #cliffnotes ...

          He says that everyone expects that Christie will go home this week ...

          He talked about trusting Jackson ... isn't sure if Jackson/Tommy have something or not ... but for sure thinks that if Tommy won HoH .. that neither Jackson or Nick would be on the block ...

          He says he's thought about trying to make a deal with Tommy ...

          Then talks about how making deals with people now .... is limited... only so many promises you can make....

          He says he's treading a very fine line with the people on the other side... can't let them know that he's not really loyal ...


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            Nick and Tommy talked...

            They wonder what Cliff would do if he won HOH

            Tommy talks about how Nick has Nicole...
            Nick says he does ... but knows to watch out for her .. because she will do what she needs to do ...

            Nick tells Tommy how he promised Jack that he would protect Analyse and that he's keeping that promise....


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              Tommy and Nick talk about how the showmance ( Holly/Jackson) is scary ...

              Tommy tells Nick that he doesn't want to be the one that takes a shot at them ( Jackson/Holly ) but at the same time ..he knows they won't work with anyone else....


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                Tommy and Nick both agree that they love Nicole and want to go far with her in the game...


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                  Jackson and Holly talk about Analyse ...

                  Jackson says he thinks he's good with her
                  Holly says she's still worried ( about herself with Analyse ) needs to talk to her ...


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                    Holly talks to Analyse .. and sticks to the " I didn't know who he was going to nominate" story ...

                    Analyse explains how she was hurt....

                    Analyse talks about how she thinks Jessica is trying to cause a divide between her and Holly ...

                    Holly tells Analyse that she thinks that Jessica caused a lot of Kat's paranoia ...

                    Analyse tells Holly that Jessica said the same about them ( Holly/Jackson) that they caused Kat to be paranoid...


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                      Analyse tells Holly that "last she heard" .. is that Cliff said that Holly/Jackson are his targets....

                      Holly says that Nicole would also target her and Jackson


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                        Analyse to Holly - if I would have won ( HoH ) .... I genuinely would have never put you guys up

                        Holly - if I'd won ... I wouldn't have put you up


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                          Analyse and Holly talk again about how Jessica is stirring **** up ...

                          Holly tells Analyse that she wants to "**** with Jessica" .... she wants to tell her some **** about her ( Analyse ) and and see how long it takes... before it gets back to her ....


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                            Analyse and Holly agree that they are glad they talked....

                            Analyse talks about how she wishes the 6 could be together ... wished Christie could stay .... she's changed.... trusts her.... how strong they would be... etc.


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                              After her talk with Holly ... Analyse talks to Tommy .... they hope/wish that Christie stays....

                              Analyse says that Jackson could ( use the PoV ) take Christie down ..put up Jessica...

                              Tommy adds that ......because of the deal..... Cliff and Nicole would have to vote out Jessica


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