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Live Feed Updates - August 19 - Day 62

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 19 - Day 62

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  • #2
    3:30 BBT

    Jackson and Holly in the HoH getting ready to go to sleep.

    Everybody else is asleep.


    • #3
      No surprise ... but just adding it here

      Jackson did not use the Veto

      Christie and Analyse face eviction this week.


      • #4
        After the Veto Meeting ...

        Christie and Analyse talk about how Nick must be working with Holly and Jackson... and that's the reason he wasn't a target this week and why Analyse is on the block....

        Christie talked to Tommy about Nick/Jackson/Holly working together ...

        Jackson and Holly talk targets for next week ... .

        They talk about how they think Cliff, Nicole and Nick will target Jessica....

        They think that Nick will also put up Holly beside Jessica ...

        And, how they think that Tommy and Analyse will target Cliff and Nicole...


        • #5
          Christie cries to Analyse about Nick... and about how he's ruining the game.... she says "it's ****ing annoying" how everyone feels "safe" with Nick....

          Christie to Analyse - I can't even look at him ( Nick ) .... I can't stand him.


          • #6
            Analyse talks to Nick ...

            She tells him that she doesn't want him to lie to her face

            He promises/swears to her that he's been looking out for her ...

            Nick tells her that he wants to get to F3 .. with her and Tommy ...

            Nick to Analyse - I made a promise to you and I'm keeping it


            • #7
              Nick tells Analyse that if he wins HoH .. he would have to put up either Holly or Cliff beside Jessica ....


              • #8
                Analyse talks to Nick about how she feels alone in the game... since everyone she's been so loyal has left... she says she worries about Tommy .. because he's starting to play for himself... which she understands... but at the same time... it sucks...

                She tells him that she worries if someone targets him ( Nick ) that she will really be alone ( in the game )


                • #9
                  Christie tells Analyse that she's going to blow up Nick's game tomorrow night during Taco Tuesday dinner ...

                  She says she knows it will be awkward.. but she has nothing to lose .. because she knows she's going home...


                  • #10
                    Christie tells Analyse that she's going to "call Nick out" .. that she's going to ask him "who is he really loyal to?" ...

                    Christie - I'm going to say ... are you loyal to, Sis and Tommy or Cliff and Nicole?..... or ... to Jackson and Holly ... which is it?


                    • #11
                      Christie to Tommy and Cliff - you know I'm not going out without swinging right?


                      • #12
                        Cliff tells Christie that he wouldn't expect anything less from her .. than her going out .. fighting to the end...


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                          That's a quick catch up ...


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