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Live Feed Updates - August 22 - Day 65

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 22 - Day 65

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    HGs are awake listening to bird calls from BB for HoH tonight.

    Summation of yesterday-Christy spent a lot of time talking to Jackson and Holly. She made a deal with them (1 week according to her) and Jackson has changed his mind. He told Cliff that if there was a tie he would break the tie by voting out Analyse. He talked with Cliff and Nicole who are on board. Jess seems to be on board, and Tommy now knows.

    The vote flipped yesterday afternoon and evening to Analyse going home.

    Tommy and Christy talked briefly and said they have to distance themselves after what was heard in the backyard a couple of nights ago. (Bullhorn guy)


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      Short summary.

      The votes solidified to keep Christie. Someone (Cliff, I think) told Nick. The others debated who would tell Analyse right before the show. Tommy was supposed to do it, but before he could do it Nick dropped the news on Analyse over lunch.

      Analyse has been yelling and arguing with people, including Christie. She told Michie that she hated him and he was dead to her for lying to her. He says he never told her she was the pawn, only that he didn't want her to go home. She said that is a lie, he used the word pawn.

      Talk amongst everyone that Analyse has been coddled and handed everything all her life. She needs to grow up and learn how to take the ups and downs and earn things.

      BB is keeping the feeds up late today so we can watch all the drama.


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        Julie Chen - A brand new twist is about to be unleashed. It's called prank week. It won't effect tonight's Live Eviction, it will change tonight's Live Head of Household competition and the new HoH's power.

        America's Prankster Vote Description: During the Voting Period, viewers of the Big Brother 21 television program will be asked to interact with the show by voting for a Houseguest they want to see become America's Prankster via the platform stated below. The eligible Houseguest who receives the most votes during the Voting Period will be named America's Prankster, and will be given the power to secretly control one nominee for eviction during the applicable week, by selecting one nominee at the Nomination Ceremony. America's Prankster will also choose a replacement nominee if their original nominee is vetoed during the Veto Meeting. Evicted Houseguests and the current Head of Household of the applicable week are not eligible to receive votes in the Program. Viewers will vote via the BB Web Site. There is a maximum of ten (10) votes per registered user during the Voting Period.

        4. How to Participate:

        Voting: Participants may vote, during the Voting Period, on the platform as described herein.

        (i) Participants may vote via the CBS Big Brother page accessible at Once on the Big Brother page you can vote via the voting tool.

        Participants may access the voting platforms via their computers and/or mobile devices.

        Voting Period Schedule:

        Start Date and Time End Date and Time
        6:30 PM PT August 22, 2019 9:00 AM PT August 23, 2019


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          If you want to watch the #tacotuesday argument you can FLASHBACK to 7:51 PM BBT on Tuesday, of course.


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            Holly is the new Head of Household ...


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              Julie - you now have the chance to Prank Holly's Head of Household by giving another House Guest half her power.

              Whoever is chose as "America's Prankster, will prank the Head of Household by secretly controlling one of the nominees for eviction this week. America's Prankster will secretly chose one of the house guests for eviction at this week's Nomination Ceremony. And, they will also chose a replacement, if their nominee is taken down, during the Veto Meeting.

              So, who do you want to be America's Prankster?

              Missed tonight's show?

              Catch up here


              • #8
                On the feeds...

                HG's are discussing/wondering what the pranks will consist of ...

                Jessica - if it's prank week.... we should have Zingbot


                • #9
                  Nick - - I don't think that America is going to pick the nominations

                  Cliff - America could vote safety for someone.....


                  • #10
                    Holly - I'm scared that America is going to hijack my HoH ...


                    • #11
                      Holly to Jackson - I'm really worried about the pranks... like if I don't have control


                      • #12
                        Jackson to Holly- you're guaranteed to be safe..... my biggest fear was you going on the block if Nick won


                        • #13
                          Holly to Jackson - I was thinking of putting Nick and Christie up....


                          • #14
                            Jackson to Holly - Nick openly said that he would put you up as a pawn..... if bad comes to worst.... you can put Jess up and we can vote Jess out......


                            • #15

                              Jackson to Holly - we need Christie for a few more weeks to be a target... and get Nick out


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