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Live Feed Updates - August 23 - Day 66

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 23 - Day 66

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    3:00 BBT

    Just Holly and Jackson up in the HoH talking about who to put up.

    Holly wants Nick to be the target, but doesn't want to shoot and miss again. Wondering whether to put him up or backdoor him. Jackson points out that the odds are high he would be picked to play. But, maybe if he isn't on the block he won't play as hard.


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      America voted Nick the Prankster.

      11:42 AM BBT

      Nick in the BA thanks America and says he needed it.

      Nominations are today also.


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        2:11. PM BBT

        HG’s were on HOH lockdown past 1.5 hrs. The got a new smaller and round dining table.

        No nominations yet.


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          Holly was called to the DR about an hour ago. 4:20ish BBT.

          Then we went to adoptable animals. Nomination Time.


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            As expected Nick and Christie are the nominees.


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              (thanks Lynnette)

              Just catching us up a little bit ....

              America's Prankster role was revealed to the HG's ... around 9:45 AM BBT ....

              Holly tells Christie that's she's happy and relived that she won't have to use her ( Christie ) as a pawn this week.

              They both say that they think that Nick could win America's Prankster ...

              Holly and Jackson talk about how if the Prankster is Nick... they think he will put up Christie ...

              Jackson and Holly both say that Nick and Christie are their targets... and that neither of them could ever target Tommy.

              They decide to tell Christie that Nick said that if would put her and Jessica up, if he had won HoH this week ( he told them that earlier )

              Jackson to Holly - I kinda want to tell Nick ... "Christie is saying that you (Nick) approached her but you are saying that she approached you".

              Holly asks Jackson if he wants to "instigate" with Nick and she will " instigate" with Christie?

              Holly - I know this is playing with fire....

              Holly and Jackson tell Christie that Nick told her that she ( Christie ) told him that she would throw the ( HoH ) comp to him....

              Christie to Holly - bring him up here right now... he's a ****ing liar... there's going to be a major blowup... and I don't care.. that's complete bull**** ...

              Christie tells Holly and Jackson that Nick was asking her if she really made a deal with them .. and she told him yes.. and he was like " you made a deal with your moral enemy" ??

              She says that she knew he was ****ing baiting her ... even before the bird thing was a thing....

              Christie -he ( Nick ) wanted me to be like "I'm not really going to work with Michie and Holly"...... so he could run right up here ( to them )

              Christie tells Holly and Jackson that she's scared that America's Prankster is Nick .... and that he will put her up

              They decide not to have a "blow up" with Nick... to try to keep things peaceful for now ....

              Christie does ask Nick about it ...
              He tells her that he never said the word "throw" ...
              They go back and forth about who said what .. how it was said.... what was said ...

              Nick tries to clear things up with Holly ...
              He tells her that he knows that he's going up today ...

              Nick to Holly/Jackson/Christie- I have a job to do..... I'm going to have to ****ing win the veto again..... it's win or go home....

              Nick tells Nicole that Christie "lies her way out of everything"

              That brings us up to Nominations ....

              Where like Lynette reported...

              Holly nominated Nick
              Nick, as America's Prankster nominated Christie.....


              • #8
                Speculation begins on "who is" America's Prankster ..

                Nick tells Nicole that he's happy that "whoever did it" put up Christie.........

                Jackson tells Holly that it ( America's Prankster ) has to be Nicole....


                • #9
                  Nick asks Nicole if gets HG choice and picks her .. would she use it ( veto ) on him ..

                  Nicole to Nick - I'm trying to look at it from Nicole's game... and in Nicole's game..... I need you here

                  There have been some rounds of "pie in the face" ...

                  Nick did talk to Jackson about the whole " Christie " thing...

                  Nick to Jackson - - I can't win an argument with her (Christie)
                  Jackson - no one can ...

                  Nick tells Jackson that he's not stupid enough to make a deal with Christie ...

                  That pretty much catches you up with game talk for now ....


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