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Live Feed Updates - September 3 and 4 - Day 77 and 78

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  • Live Feed Updates - September 3 and 4 - Day 77 and 78

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    Everybody sleeping


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      Summary of Tuesday-

      Holly caught a bug.

      Tommy/Christie talked with Jackson/Holly about Cliff being a bigger threat. Jess and Nicole talked. Nicole seemed to be torn and waffling. She doesn't entirely trust Cliff and thinks he may be too attached to Holly and Jackson. She and Tommy talked briefly and then she and Christie talked. A lot of game talk was broken up by Cliff walking in and parking himself. Jackson and Holly also stuck pretty close to Tommy and Christie.


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        Wednesday 9/4-

        3:50am BBT All HGs sleeping.


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          Catching us up ....


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            Holly is still sick ... .she was up all night throwing up ....


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              Christie and Nicole talk

              Christie tells Nicole that Cliff's relationship with Jackson scares her


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                Nicole and Cliff talk about "what if" this week is a double eviction ...

                Cliff asks Nicole, if she won in a double .. what would she do...

                Nicole tells him that both Jackson/Holly .... Christie/Tommy are threats....

                She says she would probably ( if she won HoH ) put up Christie/Tommy


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                  Cliff tells Nicole that he has her back.

                  Nicole tells Cliff that it's really a no brainer for her .. to move forward with him over Jessica....


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                    Cliff and Nicole continue to talk ...

                    He's asking her what he should say to Jessica ... and what he should say/promise to Christie/Tommy ....

                    Nicole tells him to "speak vaguely" ...


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                      Cliff tells Nicole that if she ( Nicole ) and Holly are definitely voting to keep him ... that he's not going to promise Christie and Tommy anything ...


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                        Cliff points out to Nicole that after Jackson won the Slip and Slide HoH.. that he (Cliff ) told Jackson to put him up, if he needed to .. and NOT to put up Nicole

                        Nicole tells Cliff that she will be voting to keep him ...

                        She also talked about how she knows it will break Jessica's heart ...


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                          Nicole tells Cliff about her talk with Christie ...

                          She tells him that Christie told her that he ( Cliff ) scares her .. ( because of him/Jackson )

                          Cliff tells Nicole that he appreciates the heads up .... and that he will talk to Christie to try to smooth things over with her

                          Cliff thanks Nicole for her vote ( to keep him )


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                            Cliff tells Nicole that if he wins HoH .. he's not sure what he should/would do ( about nominations )

                            Nicole points out to Cliff that if he puts up Jackson and Holly .. and one wins PoV and comes down ... that she ( Nicole ) would be the deciding vote ....

                            Cliff asks Nicole if she would even want to be in that position .... to have to make that deciding vote

                            Nicole to Cliff - if it gets me and you further....


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                              Cliff tells Nicole that if he won HoH.... be "could" do ... something like ... a Jackson/Tommy ... or Jackson/Christie

                              Nicole tells him that she thinks he should stick with nominating a "pair" .. and that he could nominate Tommy/Christie and then tell them that he's sorry ... that he had to ....


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