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Live Feed Updates - September 5 - Day 79

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  • Live Feed Updates - September 5 - Day 79

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    Everybody sleeping.

    Double eviction tonight.


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      Big Brother has officially been renewed for its 22nd season which will air in summer 2020


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        Feeds are back

        HG's are packing for Christie

        Bathroom has Nicole, Holly, Cliff and Jackson

        Nicole tells them that people were saying that she should put them ( Jackson/Holly ) up ... and that probably would have been smart... but ... she gave her word and she stuck to it ...

        Jackson - same
        Holly- same
        Cliff- we shook hands and we agreed


        • #5
          Cliff to Holly/Jackson - if one of us wins ( HoH ) .. one of us has to go up.... but it doesn't matter.

          Jackson - as long as he (Tommy) doesn't win the veto....

          Jackson guesses that the PoV Competition will be BB Comics ...


          • #6
            Nicole - I can't believe it ( that she won )

            She says she wasn't going to let her anxiety get in her way ...

            Jackson tells her that he's so proud of her ...


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              ( they will play the Head of Household Competition sometime late tonight... not sure I can stay up ... depends on how late .. but we'll bring you the results )


              • #8
                BB called Nicole to the DR

                Holly tells Jackson and Cliff that she heard cheering when Nicole won ... she says she was worried it was Tommy that won ...


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                  As we near the end of this season ... and we now know that CBS has renewed Big Brother for Season 22 ...

                  We're hoping for some support ..

                  This season hasn't been the best ... and I know that I've had a lot of family things to deal with .. and hardly any help with the Live Feed Updates... I'm sure everyone else has had just as much to deal with .. so I totally understand .. and we've all done the best that we could... the main thing is .. that I hope to keep BBU up and running ... I hope that Season 22 .. will be better for everyone and that BBU can get back to it like we have for season after season after season ...

                  Bad season.. good season .. hard times.. good times.... we're still paying the bills to keep the lights on and the forums ready for when you want to type out what you're thinking ... and like I said.. now that we know that Season 22 is a reality ... . any support would be much appreciated as we move to the end of Season 21 ( be what it may ) and fight hard to keep BBU going for Season 22...

                  PayPay .. right up there .. safe/easy/quick ... you guys really do mean the world to us ... even though this has been a tough summer ... a tough season ... we want to keep on going here .. we want to keep BBU here for you ...

                  THANKS for any support ..... ❤️


                  • #10
                    Cliff told Holly and Jackson that he has told them from the start that he wanted to work with them ...


                    • #11
                      Tommy - I know what it's like to survive the block

                      Cliff- coming from a guy who has been on the block 4 times.. welcome to the club


                      • #12
                        Nicole keeps saying "wow" over and over ..
                        Nicole- this is what it feels like to win something ...

                        She says again that she wasn't going to let her anxiety ruin it ... she talks about how she collapsed when she won

                        Cliff- everyone in this house has won an HoH .. and I wouldn't have it any other way
                        Tommy - same


                        • #13
                          Nicole- Tommy, I love you and I know that you are probably mad at me
                          Tommy tells her no he's not ...
                          Nicole - can I hug you ... if I were you .. I would probably want to bitch slap me right now

                          They hug


                          • #14
                            Tommy to Nicole - I just wonder.... am I really alone.

                            Nicole tells him that it might seem that he's alone... but she promises him .. he's not ...

                            Nicole to Tommy - get out there and win this next HoH...... I know you can do it


                            • #15
                              Nicole to Tommy - I'm sorry that I'm the one that put you in this position.

                              Tommy- It's just hard to be alone. .. it's not losing Christie .. or being put on the block .. it's just hard to be alone.. that's the hardest part


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