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Live Feed Updates - September 11 - Day 85

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  • Live Feed Updates - September 11 - Day 85

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    HG’s were awakened by BB at 6:00 AM BBT. They had requested BB wake them up early so they could have a 9/11 Memorial Service. Cliff brings in an American Flag to the LR and they have a blue cloth covering the round table with a bouquet of artificial flowers and the words 9 - 11, We Remember spelled out.

    They start with a moment of silence and then sing an a cappella version of The Star Spangled Banner. Cliff shares his memories of 9/11, as well as Tommy, Nicole, Holly and Jackson. This lasts about a half hour and they close the service with a prayer by Nicole and hugs all around. They adjourn to the RV about 6:30 am and continue talking about 9/11.

    HG’s back in bed by 7:00 am BBT.
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      What a lovely thing to do. I like Cliff a lot. Nicole too.

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    Quick recap of yesterday.....

    HG’s did Origami during the day. They dyed eggs late afternoon and had an egg hunt from 6 till about 9. Jackson won that.

    They had Taco Tuesday.

    Around 8:15 pm, Tommy told Holly he was going to tell Cliff and Nicole today about his connection with Christy. Holly told Jackson and later Jackson told Cliff that Tommy was going to drop a bomb today about his association with another HG. Cliff guessed Christy. Cliff told Nicole that Tommy was going to talk to them today about it. Jackson talked to Cliff about voting out Tommy. Cliff says he and Nicole will talk and make a decision. Jackson told Holly early this am he will make his discussions with Nicole and Cliff more about getting rid of Tommy and not about keeping Holly.

    Today there should be lots of campaigning.


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      Tommy campaigning to Cliff and Nicole starts about 3:45 pm BBT for almost an hour. He tells them about knowing Christie. Conversation went really well and it looks like Holly is going to be voted out. Nicole, Tommy, and Cliff make a F3 pact.


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        Regarding the Tommy/Christie relationship....Cliff did jokingly say that if he goes to Jury House he is going to tell Christie that he found out that Christie and Tommy were lovers for 7 years and in a relationship, and if Christie denies it, he is going to say Tommy told everyone.


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          5:15 PM BBT

          Cliff and Nicole in HOH go over Tommy’s campaign points. Cliff asks Nicole if anything has changed for her. She says no. They actually think Tommy knowing Christie can work against him for Jury votes.


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            Cliff and Nicole tell Jackson that they haven’t made a decision yet.

            Jackson says he came into this game alone and he will leave alone and he is playing this game for his family.


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              5:30 PM BBT

              Holly campaigns to Nicole. She says she is blessed to even be playing but she doesn’t want to go out now being ‘backdoored’ on Jackson’s HOH. She just wants to make it to F4, she would be proud and at peace, then she can leave. She just wants one more week. She tells Nicole that Tommy will win in F2. Everyone in the jury loves him. She says she won’t get any votes in Jury except for maybe Kat.

              Nicole brings up the point of Holly and Michie would not vote out each other and she wouldn’t expect it. Nicole says she is looking at all the options but if Jackson or Tommy wins veto at least there is a chance she will stay.

              Nicole says she is trying to make the best decision for her game, not on a personal level. She needs to see what is best moving forward and make a decision she wouldn’t look back on and regret.

              Nicole insists she is still undecided and will weigh the options and make the decision with Cliff.

              Holly says again she doesn’t see anyone winning against Tommy and if Nicole is in F2 with Tommy that is cool, but she won’t win.


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                Holly says she and Jackson do not have a F2.

                Nicole says well she will think about it and let Holly talk to Cliff and then she will talk to Cliff and make a decision.

                Holly again says she truly just wants to stay one more week.

                Nicole says she needs to go take a shower.

                Nicole leaves and shakes her head and says, Oh my God, Oh my God. BB if you want to call me to the DR, i am ready to go.

                BB calls Nicole to the DR.

                Holly starts talking to Cliff at 6:30 PM BBT.


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                  Holly tells Cliff that Tommy has been targeting him for a long time and he only voted Kat out because that is what Jack wanted.

                  Holly says Tommy is a threat mentally and physically and she is just a threat physically.

                  Holly says she is so invested in their F4 and it would ruin her entire Big Brother experience to be backdoored by them. She has wanted to be seen as her own person. This is a lifelong dream for her and for it to end this way she will always feel sick about it.

                  She tells Cliff she has always wanted to work with him since the beginning and she has always seen the potential in Nicole. She wanted to play a game where she can hold her head up high and working with Nicole and Cliff she finally is and she would be fine losing to them.

                  She says she put all her eggs in one basket for their F4 and she would do anything for them. She said it probably would have made sense to ignore their F4 and get rid of Cliff last week but she would never do that.

                  She said Jackson didn’t want to win the wall competition, but he did to protect Cliff.

                  Holly says when she gives her word she means it, she would never give false hope.

                  Cliff says he would probably easily make F3 keeping Holly but Nicole would be at a disadvantage.


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                    Cliff says he knows at F3 Holly and Michie would take each other.

                    Holly says she actually doesn’t know what Michie would do. She says they haven’t talked about going to F2.

                    She says no matter what happens she and Michie will be friends out of the house but she won’t be leaving with a ring on her finger like Swaggy and Bayleigh.

                    Holly goes back to just wanting to make it to F4. She would be happy going out 4th, she just doesn’t want to go out this way.


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                      Holly starts talking about all the jury votes Tommy would get.

                      She tells Cliff how close Tommy and Nicole bad she is at she doesn’t want to go out this way.

                      She says it hurt her how Nicole is just focusing on game and how now all of a sudden she is so close with Tommy and Holly has been there for her since Day 24 and the big blow up.

                      Cliff says he is not going to fault Nicole for going a different direction. His and Nicole’s games are different but they are going to vote the same way.

                      Holly says she didn’t think being NIcole’s supporter for 85 days would turn into Nicole ending her game.

                      Cliff says he has promised not to vote different from Nicole.

                      Cliff says he will tell Holly which way he is leaning before the vote. He says he will talk to Nicole and which ever way it goes he will let her know.

                      Cliff says he wishes Michie would have won the veto, it would have been so much easier.

                      Holly says it makes more sense to keep her from a competitive threat and jury threat level. She doesn’t want Cliff to compromise his game for Nicole’s.

                      Cliff says the game is not fun’s the worst job he’s had.


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                        (Whew, glad that’s over.)

                        Nicole out of DR.

                        Cliff heads down and he is called to the DR.

                        Jackson goes up to the HOH where Holly is.

                        Nicole and Tommy at the DR table. Tommy tells her to talk it over with Cliff and figure things out. He knows its not personal at this point. Nicole says that’s what she has been articulating.

                        Holly comes down to the kitchen to start cooking.

                        (I am out for the evening.)


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                          Thank you Lynette!!! I had a late meeting so am happy you took notes!!

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