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Live Feed Updates - September 13 - Day 87

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  • Live Feed Updates - September 13 - Day 87

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    Feeds were down from 8:58 am BBT until 1:22 pm BBT (about 4.5 hrs.)

    When feeds come back Nicole said they saw Ovi and HG’s are talking about Ovi being in the Boat Room.

    HG’s said they had a friendly competition (maybe luxury comp) and Jackson won and Nicole came in second. Jackson said he would give all that money back to see family videos.


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      Nicole nominated Holly and Jackson for eviction.


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        Jackson to Nicole -I love y'all.

        Nicole - love you guys too....

        Jackson - let's play a veto


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          Holly talked to the camera ...

          She said that the nomination ceremony should have been hers .... because the HoH should of been hers ....

          Holly - I should not have been forced to throw it... ( her deal with Cliff and Nicole ) ... I don't like this .... did I just make a half million dollar mistake by sticking to my word?


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            More talk about how they loved seeing Ovi...

            Holly - I really hope he's ( Ovi ) happy that it's the 4 of us...

            Cliff - I hope so.

            Holly - I think he is.... . I think he was really excited.....


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              A lot of this going on ...


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