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Live Feed Updates - September 16 & 17 - Days 90 & 91

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  • Live Feed Updates - September 16 & 17 - Days 90 & 91

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    All HGs sleeping.


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      ICYMI - The Veto Meeting has been pushed to Thursday night ...

      However... we know ....

      Unless something crazy happens... Jackson will use the veto on himself, forcing Nicole to name Cliff as the replacement nominee


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        Nicole and Cliff are still trying to figure out a way to convince Jackson to take Cliff to the F3 ..

        However... Jackson has told Holly in no uncertain terms that he's taking her to the F3 with him ...


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          Cliff has been talking to the cameras for the past few ...

          He talks about losing $500,000 in honoring his promise to Jackson and how it ... but it's also not about the money ... and how he would love to be able to say that he won't regret it .. if Jackson breaks his promise to him...

          Cliff talks about integrity ...

          Cliff says that for him .. honor won out ... but for Jackson it's the opposite ....


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            Cliff's pondering his thoughts on going to the jury if Jackson breaks his promise and evicts him ...

            He says that he knows that will weigh heavy on his thoughts as a juror and that Jackson might want to think about that before he makes his decision


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