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Live Feed Updates - September 18&19 - Day 92&93

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  • Live Feed Updates - September 18&19 - Day 92&93

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    Everybody sleeping.


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      HGs are sleeping right now.

      Last night Cliff made one last pitch to Jackson, telling him that if he voted out Cliff that Cliff would not vote for him and would poison the jury against him. Jackson was pissed.


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        Missed tonight's show?

        Catch up here

        CBS Big Brother 21 Lice Eviction and Final 3 results! Who will be evicted tonight? If you've been watching the Live Feeds, you probably already know the answer


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          At some point in time... Part 1 of the 3 Part Head of Household Competition will play out ...

          It "could" be tonight... it "could" be tomorrow ...

          As things go .... CBS brought in a second audience tonight, after the episode that just aired was taped this afternoon, this new audience will more than likely be there for the taping of Julie's Special Sunday Episode with JC, Tyler and Kayee.

          We'll update you on the results of Part 1 HoH Competition whenever it plays out ...


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            By the way .. we are still on PET CAM ... and will probably be on PET CAM for a while ....

            While you wait ... you know we can always use your support in keeping things up and running around here.

            It's been an .. odd... slow... confusing .... busy in real life ... ... time here at BBU and just as .. not sure I have the words for what it's been in the BB house this time around .... BUT .... .... even with all that ... we love you guys so much ... we cherish all of you .. respect all of you and no matter what ... YOU are BBU .. YOU are what makes this place so special .... and a place we all love to call home during the crazy Big Brother summers.

            Any support is always welcomed and always appreciated.


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              Jackson (Michie) won the 1st part of the final HOH.


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