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I'm a BBU Newbie!

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  • I'm a BBU Newbie!

    Please forgive me for posting etiquette errors! I'm new to forums, threads and posting! I feel so old! Anyway.... this website caught my eye and I hope you all will welcome me, my comments and mistakes! I will also tell you that I'm addicted to exclamation points and my teenage daughter says, I need help!!

    I am happily married twice...(to the same manπŸ˜›) who gave me 2 WONDERFUL children and a super cute black lab with short legs! We've have been a BB family since season 1. Yes, I would call us a "BB Super Fam" since my kids were old enough to gamble (not for $) we've done a family pool every year. We watch the live feeds and we are super excited for this year to begin! I work in the education field, so I am off during the summer. Bring on the late night feeds!

    Our Family BB pool? So glad you asked πŸ™‚ Well every year we all draw random numbers and when they are introduced by Jeff , in order, that's who you get. Before Jeff introduced them, we waited until cast names were released and we would draw names before we listened to the bios. It's so much fun! Prizes have ranged from dinner at your favorite place, any gift cards with odd left over amounts, allowance, chores and bragging rights. We win based on who was voted Fan Fav, Runner-up and Winner!! There were even a couple years our children's friends got into our BB pool! I'm telling you all this because I am new here and nervous, but I know my stuff! I will admit though, I'm not good at who was on what season, but I'm still a big fan!

    Here is my blind draw team for BB19


    My opinion: I'm not too confident in my team ..... at first look, but time will tell.
    My first look predictions at this time are Christmas & Kevin.

    Who are are your predictions?

    Mom2BBpool πŸ€—

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    Hi and welcome to BBU Mom2BBPool! We don't do "pools" here but people can make predictions as they wish. Most of the folks here are not only super fans but are super nice and super good people! Everybody plays nice and all opinions are respected... maybe not agreed with, but respected. That's what makes us different from other Big Brother websites... as long as you don't attack anyone for their opinions, you are allowed to express your opinions here.

    Big Brother love is in the air! Woot!


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      Welcome!!! Your family pool sounds like a ton of fun!


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        Welcome Mom2BBPool ! You (and your family) sound like so much fun -- hope we get to be good friends this year. I'm lots older than you -- think Medicare Age -- but still working full time. Love it here, think of BBU as my "safe place" where I can come and let my hair down - you will find I am pretty outspoken, and not nearly as funny as I think I am. The good part is the people around here know that about me, and still make me feel welcome. You're going to like it here.


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          Mom2BBPool, WELCOME to BBU. You will love it here and I can tell we will love you. A lot of us are addicted to Big Brother. I have been watching since season 1 but did not get addicted until season 6. I blame BBU for my addiction. I found this site and it became HOME to me. Your BB pool sounds like great fun. My family gives me a hard time about BB. No one watches the feeds with me.

          At BBU, we love to talk about the game. Many of us do not like the same house guest and have disagreements about the game BUT NEVER with each other. A lot of us have been here for years and have become like a big family. Looking forward to your thoughts as the game begins.


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            Welcome to BBU Mom2BBPool. We will certainly love to hear your thoughts and opinions this season.


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              welcome Mom2BBPool Look forward to gettin to know ya!


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                Hi Mom2BBPool
                I make my F4 predictions after watching all the interviews I can find. I usually go with 3 Superfans and 1 noob.
                Jason is my noob pick. As for the others, I just get a good vibe as to if they are gonna play the game. Of course, even the best superfans can make a terrible player.


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                  Hello to all and welcome Mom2BBPool! I have been following this sight and BB since Evil Dick's first time on. I am horrible at remembering who was on what season, and often forget some of the early in the season players, but I love the game. I also love BBU. I am more of a lurker than a talker, but I am here ... every day ... in the shadows. I am so excited this BB Eve! Can not wait for the new season to start.


                  • Luanne
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                    Hi HunnyBunny I hope you decide to come out of the lurker mode and become a talker. I love to read everyone's thoughts on the game and the house guest. I did plan on getting into this season but everyday, I get more excited....looking forward to tomorrow night.

                  • KennyERJ
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                    Hi & Welcome back HunnyBunny ! Glad to see more and more folks showing up! Yes, less than 28 hours (from this post) until the Big Brother madness starts! Woot!

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                  Welcome! I watched Season 1 and then left for college and didn't get back on until Rachel/Brendon season (14 I think). I am one of the few Rachel fans and they all still speak to me here. Lol!

                  This is really the best site for BB. Everyone is respectful and we are a summer family. 😊


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