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Where did the time go? 07-19 Early A.M?

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  • Where did the time go? 07-19 Early A.M?

    Okay, what's the deal?
    I was watching the feeds last night until about 12:30 A.M. (give or take a few minutes).
    I got really sleepy and decided to shut it down and catch up this morning.
    To my horror, there is about 3 and a half hours missing.
    Highly reminiscent of the Nixon tapes.
    What happened?
    What did these people do that someone does not want us to know about?
    Was it something to do with the fire?
    Did someone snap and go bat-crap-crazy?
    Somebody knows what happened in the missing 3.5 hours.
    Help me out here or I may never sleep again.
    Come forward and you will be given immunity. (Trust me.)

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    Interesting.....! I noticed that the BB clock on my live feeds say it's 5:52 AM there, which is impossible. I just assumed their clock was off but now that I have read this, I am not as certain of a clock gone wild. I am going to sleuth the crap out of this!!!


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      As far as I can tell, the CBS clock went wacky. Happens at least once a season. Also, I forget how distracted I get with ads everywhere. I should never say I will be sleuth-y. Shoppy, yes, sluethy, no.


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        this whole thing has me literally LMBO okay..not literally, I wish I could *literally* laugh it off..or at least some of it hehe But still... y'all got me cracked up!
        Has the mystery been solved yet, though?


        • purrwing
          purrwing commented
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          CBS is now running a crawler saying the time is off but the feeds are live. But they aren't really live-live, because....puppies.

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        There is still a window of time missing.
        If you "Flashback" to 07-18 at 11:59 HGs are up and talking. It goes from there to 07-19. Pull it back to midnight and everyone is in bed sleeping.
        Those people are not that fast. LOL


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