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Remaining House Guests: Like/Dislike/Why

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  • Remaining House Guests: Like/Dislike/Why


    Like: Was an aquired taste for me in his first season. He amuses me. He definately keeps things from getting boring.

    Dislike: The way he pushes others around. I'm starting to get flashbacks of S6 and Maggie and her Maggots.

    Like: Her spunk. I gotta give her that if nothing else. If she would not have developed such tunnel vision where Cody was concerned she could have ended with a better social game...possibly even worth a half million.

    Her tunnel vision where Cody is concerned. (LOL) Her willingness to fall into bed with a stranger within days of meeting him. (Call me Old Fashioned, but where do they get these people?)

    Like: Great potential early on and was one of my top picks. Her social game was very promising and who doesn't love "Christmas"?

    Dislike: She never misses an opportunity to remind anybody and everybody about her broken foot and how it has ruined her life. She lurkes on the fringes of every conversation and interupts/interjects herself into all she can. Is this all the game she has left? Paranoid much?

    Like: His service to our country. His drive.

    Dislike: His inability or unwillingness to attempt any form of a social game. His sulkiness.

    Like: Her savy. She is aware of what is going on around her most of the time without the need for sneakiness. She is quite intellegent and athletic.

    Dislike: Her insecurity and constant need for validation concerning her looks. Her attempt at using sex to get what she wants.

    Like: It's a little hard to explain. (Looks aside.) He's just a "Likeable Joe".

    Dislike: As of yet he has done nothing outstanding. He makes coffee, eats, plays pool and dittles Raven come bedtime.

    Like: IMO he is smarter than he is given credit for. He is trying to improve himself. He seems to be loyal to those who are true to him.

    Dislike: His immaturity, and so far, his lack of originality. Some actions are better left retired as if they are a star jersey. Using Evil Dicks pots and pans is about as effective as recreating Dans BB Funeral.

    Like: He's a Rodeo Clown. Not liking that is akin to not liking Christmas. He's fun to watch. I believe he is holding back as far as his athleticism and intellegence are concerned. (Have you watched any of his YT rodeo videos?) If he continues to survive in this game I expect it to come into play for him and probably surprise some people in the house.

    Dislike: His lack of PC and crudeness in some instances.

    Like: His stories. The guy is a big personality and this could slip up and bite a few in the butt. A Kevin HOH could prove quite interesting indeed.

    Dislike: His seeming need to jump the fence from time to time. I'm not referring to his voting history, but his feeding information at times when he should keep quiet. I'm afraid this could bite him in the butt if he is not careful.

    Like: A likeable guy just trying to fit in somewhere. He would like to be loyal to someone but, as of yet, has not found any takers.

    Dislike: Like Norma Jean, the guy is kinda blowing like that "Candle in the Wind" and will have no clue where to lean to until it is too late.

    Like: Smart, physically capable and loyal to her #1 (Jason). Reminds me a lot of Dan G.

    Dislike: The way she allows Paul to manipulate her. She really needs to stop being afraid of him. Maybe when J/C are gone she will.

    Like: That she keeps the sheets over her when she is in bed with Matt. [Come on Patty, dig deep.].....Sorry folks. I got nothing.

    Dislike: Using her illness to gain support/sympathy in the game. She is loud and obnoxious in her quest for "look at me" attention. Her fake laugh. (Come on....It's like she is reading (screaming) it from a script, "Ha ha ha ha".)

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    I like your analysis of the house guests and agree with about 95% of what you said. I do have to admit that Josh banging the pots & pans actually made me laugh out loud. I feel bad for Raven having to of dealt with such an illness for so long but, like you said, she does seem like someone that wants constant attention and will use anything to get it. Kind of a drama queen too.


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      I do not know how I missed this. I really enjoyed reading your like and dislike of each house guest.


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