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    I've been thinking in 2 days jess will most likely be gone. Who do you all think will be the next target? I think cody has at least a few more weeks in him if he doesn't win hoh this week I think he would at least win the pov if put up. I know the group is getting annoyed with raven and Matt and Mark and Elena .. I think Paul, Kevin, Alex and Jason are safe and a solid 4 . What about Christmas and Josh? I feel like the other house guests will have a hard time putting her up for 2 reasons
    1 they feel bad for her (broken foot) and 2 she will drive everyone of them crazy being on the block..
    i never thought josh who was the most disliked for the first 2 weeks would make it this far! everyone seems to want to use him for something to help their game or try to make him into a better man.

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    I believe Paul will target, or at least push to target Mark. This would keep Elena easier for him to manage. His next could potentially be either Raven or Matt. He believes the couples bit him in the butt in his last season so he intends to try to nip that in the bud asap. I have the feeling that Raven will be after Mark.


    • Ogbigbrother
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      I think you're right let's hope Mark wins hoh or veto so he can prevent that from happening oil would like to see Paul shaken up a bit he is riding easy this year.

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    I agree, once Cody is gone, Paul will go after Mark. Several want Raven out. Not sure what Cody will do if he wins HOH. Earlier he said he wanted the couples gone. He said he ,would put up Matt/Mark and if one came off he would put up their pair. After the fight yesterday, he might want Josh out.


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      Yes that was a pretty intense fight it keeps changing daily between Mark Elena and Josh an cody .. wouldn't it be great if it was Raven next week!


      • Luanne
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        That would be a great PLUS. Her and Matt think they are the only ones completely safe with every one.

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