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Den of Temptation- VOTE!

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  • Den of Temptation- VOTE!

    This is where you can come for the Den of Temptation voting link. You can also discuss who you voted and what you're thinking/reasoning is for voting for that person!

    Who do you want to win the first Temptation, the Pendant of Protection? They will be safe for 3 weeks but there will be consequences!!

    Who are you voting for and why, if you want to share?

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    I like Megan and think I'm going to vote for her. She might not be considered one of the "model-type" beauties so folks (mainly of the straight male persuasion) might conspire to get her out and at least she would be around for 3 evictions so maybe she can grow on them. Haven't voted yet. What do you all think?

    By the way, this first vote closes tomorrow (June 29) at 9 AM PT/12 Noon ET.


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      I like Megan too Kenny! I haven't decided who I'm voting for yet.... decisions decisions 😁


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        I really like Megan, I voted for her after I remembered that the person picked will be safe. I also voted for Mark and Matthew.


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          I ended up splitting my votes between Christmas, Megan and Matthew 😁 (Matt got the "extra" ..sorry I couldnt help myself he's cute lol)


          • #6
            I ended up giving all my votes to Megan.


            • #7
              I split my votes between Megan and Mathew. He might need the protection if he's seen as a strong player.


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                I was able to vote again this morning. This time I did the same as birdiefriend and split the votes between Megan & Matt.


                • #9
                  Although Megan is one of my faves, this new care package Is only good once, so wanted to wait for her. Instead I went with Dominique since I knew she'd annoy them with her exuberance and her safety would confuse them. Contrary Me 😀


                  • MrsVee
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                    I voted for Dominique too ! I thought She seemed so made at someone ( Kevin) takin the cash that I thought even though she is safe let's see what happens 😈Evil grin

                  • BettyBoo
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                    Hee hee, I'll have to borrow Sgt B's stache, so I can twirl it as I give an evil laugh. 😎

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                  I will vote for Christmas, but I tend to agree with other fans throughout the internet that Paul will most likely get it, giving him 4 weeks of safety. This is exactly why I hate returning HG's. Love Paul to death, but he already had his shot.


                  • HunnyBunny
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                    I couldn't agree more.

                  • Walleye
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                    I'm right there with you. They are going to find reasons to keep paul including diary room manipulation.

                  • Luanne
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                    I agree, they know with his fan base, he will win. I am not happy. He will get more air time also.

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                  I voted again this morning and gave all but two of mine to Christmas ...the other two went to Matt

                  I agree
                  Big Brother Groupie
                  joebourg62's never quite fair to a viewer vote when someone is in the house that already has a 'fan base'... it's almost a guaranteed win for them. I mean come on..right? But they knew that when they picked him to go in and they likely created this whole first temptation based around him knowing he'd need it and get it.


                  • #12
                    If course, internet talk is Paul will get it since they had to pay him a premium to return (returnees got extra $25k last yr as I remember). They don't him gone quickly. Remember how the 4 were protected last year for a few weeks??


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                      Ring of Temptation

                      Voting for the next Temptation is now open:

                      Voting ends on July 7 at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT.
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                        I split my votes between Jillian & Ramses.


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                          Cody all the way!!


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