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Big Brother 19- Discuss Episode 5- July 6, 2017

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  • Big Brother 19- Discuss Episode 5- July 6, 2017

    Episode 5- Live episode airs Thursday, July 6, 2017 @ 9/8c PM on CBS

    A live eviction takes place. The HOH Competition takes place.

    Current HOH: Cody Nickson
    Currently Nominated for Eviction: Jillian Parker & Christmas Abbott

    Note: Please do not post spoilers in the episode discussion topics as there are people that only watch the TV episodes. Thanks!

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    New competition tonight? HoH-yeah! Watch it play out LIVE around 10PM ET on CBS All Access with a FREE trial.

    CLICK HERE to get signed up today for a FREE 1 week trial of the and help support BBU at the very same time!


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      Sneaking in to grab/reserve a front row seat 😁 Cannot wait for tonight!! Plllllllease let us have nice things 😁


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        tee hee! I snuck in too Shan! Got my seat right next to ya! I'll watch my elbows .


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          Me too. Shhhh, don't tell anyone. We got the best seats.


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            LeslieP no worries..we got the premium front row VIP seats .. plenty of "elbow room"


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              Hi guys! Checking in before the show! Episode 5... and with all this drama I feel like it should be 55! ha
              I will try to post in here but me and the hubby like watching together
              Will also try doing some LFUs later especially since the HOH will be live!


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                Hey early birds....its starting to get crowded, but there's still plenty of room for us all. Getting the popcorn popped to pass around. See you in less than an hour!


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                  Popping in ... for a BBU public message... to all BBU'ers!

                  BBU is full of your excitement and anticipation of tonight's LIVE eviction and LIVE on the Live Feeds Head of Household Competition!

                  We're glad you're here!

                  We survived BB18, and Big Brother Over The Top, we survived ( but just barely ) the Off-Season (with the help of a handful of BBU members) ... and now here we are again for Big Brother 19!

                  Tonight should be a BIG night not only for the BB19 house guests but for BBU too!

                  We've updated, we've upgraded back to the larger server to handle the new season traffic, and we're here to bring all the BB news, updates, lively discussion threads and everything and anything that this new season of Big Brother can throw at us.

                  But... we do need your help...

                  If you are enjoying your time here, if you want us to stay, please, please consider making a donation and earning a donator button.

                  Any help is greatly appreciated as we do all that we can on our end to help enhance your Big Brother experience right here at BBU : )

                  Much love to all of you!



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                    YAY! Hi all. I am also coming in early to grab a seat. Gonna run and get my snacks and evening libation.


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                      You guys are gonna need to scoot over more. I brought the pop corn


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                        Originally posted by kokomogirl View Post
                        Me too. Shhhh, don't tell anyone. We got the best seats.
                        lips are sealed


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                          Hey all... let this party start! My family had the nerve to have 3 birthdays in last 5 days. They don't support my habit. Tho Christmas is not my fave, I'm hoping she stays bc Cody if for sure my least fave. Let him stare this loss tonight into oblivion. Geez, he's making me aggressive. Let the games begin!


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                            Originally posted by ^Tamz^ View Post
                            You guys are gonna need to scoot over more. I brought the pop corn
                            come on ... still plenty of room in our VIP seating up front... especially when ya got popcorn


                            • Shan
                              Shan commented
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                              I sure hope so... because I am most definitely rockin my PJs right now

                            • Lynette
                              Lynette commented
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                              Yep in my Jammie's and I SHOWERED

                            • LeslieP
                              LeslieP commented
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                              Absolutely!! Jammas on!

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                            It is for me Livzee


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