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Big Brother 19- Discuss Episode 8- July 13, 2017

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  • Big Brother 19- Discuss Episode 8- July 13, 2017

    Episode 8- Live episode airs Thursday, July 13, 2017 @ 9/8c PM on CBS

    A live eviction takes place. The new HOH Competition begins.

    Current HOH: Paul Abrahamian
    Currently Nominated for Eviction: Ramses Soto, Alex Ow & Cody Nickson

    Note: Please do not post spoilers in the episode discussion topics as there are people that only watch the TV episodes. Thanks!

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    Per CBS, the HOH Competition will be an Endurance Competition and will play out on the Live Feeds right after this episode ends here on the East Coast (10pm ET). West Coast folks will be able to watch live also at 7pm PT. After the episode, please head over to today's Live Feed Discussion topic to discuss the remainder of the HOH Competition. Thanks.

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      What he said ^^^

      Already have the Live Feeds?

      Don't have the time for the Live Feeds?

      Like what we do here?

      Please consider making a donation to help us with he server/bandwidth expense ... we'll give you a super cool button to show off


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        I'm NOT getting my BBUEvictionThursdayNightShindigExtradionaire snacks and libations YET, cause I will consume mass quantities of them.

        Currently chaining myself to the office door... 13 inches shy of fridge and snack cabinet. I'm using the new
        "Snack Timed Lock" I picked up from the BBU Haberdashery.And.Stuff.


        And whilst securely chained thusly in said office, I shalt clicketh thereupon the PayPaleth Donationest Buttonest as to maketh the



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        ::tiptoe'ing in early to grab a really awesome seat:: (and stuff)

        Y'all....if Christmas doesn't come back and they forego tonight's eviction aka ruin something I have been desperately looking forward to for a week aka Cody HOPPIN his arse out the door ... I'm gonna lose the plot, I swear it! that I've 'reserved' my seat ...gonna run back out for a bit to rustle up some munchies and drinkies as well...


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        HoH Endurance Competition - YEAH!

        Extra Bandwidth Used - OH NO!

        We're super excited for another chance at a long, long, longer than you would wish for HoH endurance competition tonight. I'm here for the night to bring it all to you! BUT... endurance competitions and the drama that follows can really make us burn through some bandwidth at lighting speed.

        If you're enjoying your time here at BBU, please consider making a donation to help us stay up, running and paying for the extra bandwidth and expenses. Any help is greatly appreciated : )


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        OK, as Bette Davis said, Buckle your seat belts, it's gonna be a bumpy night!


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          I am so excited right now............INSANE


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              Evening all


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                Great opening line Julie!


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                  Good evening, folks!


                  • LCnSummer
                    Big Brother Addict
                    LCnSummer commented
                    Editing a comment
                    OH yay. I saw your 5:50pm comment in the feed discussion thread and was going to post a comment begging you to come to this thread... And you had already did-id it. Double YAY.

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                  As usual I'm slightly behind y'all but I'm here I'm SO excited for tonight! they best not disappoint!
                  HI EVERYONE!!! ::waving wildly::


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                    I didn't understand half of what Josh said last night.


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                    hi everyone


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