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‘Big Brother’ Season 19: When Will New Houseguests’ Names Be Released?

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  • ‘Big Brother’ Season 19: When Will New Houseguests’ Names Be Released?

    Just a little something to get some excitement going about the new season which starts in 25 days!!!

    I guess they put the word "spoilers" in the title to get more folks to click because it doesn't give any spoilers about who the cast is...
    The names of the official houseguests for “Big Brother” Season 19 will not be released until next month.

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    One more thing... reading articles and putting things together, it looks like this is going to be a shorter season than usual. Looking to be around 90 days (it's usually 97-99 days). CBS announcing their Fall Schedule, usually the premiere of Survivor and the finale of Big Brother air on the same night but this time, Survivor 35 will premiere on September 27th followed by two other shows so it's likely Big Brother's finale will probably be the Wednesday before, on September 20th.


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      Looking for information about the new season, I see the UK's Big Brother (not the Celebrity version as it's already airing, I think) is getting ready to start. They started revealing their cast yesterday. They're going to be having family members in their house.

      Getting me more excited to see our new cast!!


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        Personally, I think this is disappointing. 90+ days is just toooo looong of a season.

        I really liked the 81 day seasons, no house re-entry after being evicted, no endless twists and NO RETURNING VETS!!

        Bring the Vets back for an "All-Star" or "Favorites vs Villians" season.


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          Us Big Brother fans aren't surprised as we know they always release the new cast 1-2 weeks before the premiere. According to this article, the planned reveal is Monday, June 19th.

          Also, kind of confused about this part of the article...

          "CBS announced last month that more episodes of “Big Brother” Season 19 will be released online on All Access Live Feeds a day after the premiere." So does that mean we'll be able to go ahead and watch more TV episodes possibly all the way up to the Live Eviction show each week? Or are they just thinking of/talking about the Live Feeds themselves? I know the Live Feeds are suppose to start on June 29th.
          The names of houseguests for “Big Brother” Season 19 are still being kept under wraps, possibly due to changes in schedule.


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