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Big Brother 19- Houseguests- CODY NICKSON- 4th Evicted- Battle Back Winner- 8th Evicted- Jury Member 1- AFH

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  • Big Brother 19- Houseguests- CODY NICKSON- 4th Evicted- Battle Back Winner- 8th Evicted- Jury Member 1- AFH


    Cody Nickson
    Hometown: Lake Mills, IA
    Current city: Plano, TX
    Occupation: Construction sales rep

    Three adjectives that describe you: Confident, charming, and sweet

    Favorite activities: Surfing is my No. 1 activity. I started surfing when I was stationed in North Carolina and now I take surfing trips to North Carolina or California when I get the chance.

    I also took a trip to Hawaii to surf. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, too.

    What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?
    I think if a bunch of people are on a different sleep schedule and making noise while I'm trying to sleep, it will be difficult. I like my eight hours of sleep a night.

    However, if I need to be in the mix, I will stay up with everyone to always gain the appropriate intel.

    Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?
    "Evel" Dick Donato from Season 8. I LOVE it when someone plays the game in a way that has never been seen before—and it works!

    Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
    Yes. First off, the overbearing Houseguests will expose themselves, which should create a nice divide. The ones talking their game out loud, I would shoot for them first.

    After getting rid of them, the floaters go next. If you float, you're getting voted out. I want to face warriors and champions to the end, not some tagalong.

    After that, [I'll try to] win every competition, which I have the ability to do, if it's individual. If there's a way to accomplish these things through influence and by causing someone else to execute my moves, I'll make that happen.

    If I have to gain the HOH position and do it myself, I will absolutely do that, too.

    I will never put myself in a pawn position. I will always be a part of every conversation I can and ask questions, but avoid inserting my opinion directly. I'll always do it in a roundabout way, making people believe it's their opinion.

    My life's motto is… Semper fidelis.

    What would you take into the house, and why?
    - My silkie shorts, the short Marine Corps PT shorts
    - A frisbee
    - My canteen coffee cup

    Fun facts about yourself:
    - I can solve a Rubik's cube in less than a minute
    - I have never worn a suit
    - I have never worn cologne
    - I have never taken a selfie
    - I have never been offended—not once
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    Unless all the ladies in the house latch on to wanting him to be their visual pleasure for the summer, I see him going out of the house by the 3rd eviction at the latest. A bet it won't take long for CBS to show him in his short, shorts for the female viewers.


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      Cody's Twitter account which is set to private...


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        I take it this is the Twitter account that one of his loved ones or someone will be tweeting from...


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          Video interview with Jeff...
          Cody Nickson is prepared to do whatever it takes to win Big Brother this summer, but he swears he won\'t be caught crying on camera. Famous last words. Don\'t miss the two-hour season premiere of Big Brother on Wednesday, June 28 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access. Then, watch all-new episodes of Season 19 on Wednesdays and Sundays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS and CBS All Access.


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            Interview with Jeff on YouTube (just hit the Play button and you can watch right here)...


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              His video interview with K-Frog Radio (just click the Play button on the video and you can watch it right here)...


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                Hmmm, so I was hoping I would be able to like him more after that K-Frog interview but nope. Super fans are dweebs? Dude, you're getting on the wrong side of Big Brother fans with that! He seems so "dead". No personality. No excitement.

                Thanks for your service in the Marines, Cody, but I think it's going to be a no-go for me being a fan of you in the Big Brother house. We'll see.


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                  Shan I noticed you were giving your opinions on most of the houseguests. Curious as to what you think about this guy.


                  • Shan
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                    had to stop for a little "break" but I'm back at 'em now... about to watch his K-Frog interview now and then I'll be back with my 2 cents

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                  KennyERJ um yeahhhh...No. he is NOT doing it for me at all. Him having served made me hopeful but like all 'groups'..plenty of douchebags exist within, and yep here's one of 'em. Between his overall attitude and lack of personality along with the jerky 'digs' at Super Fans and people crying (particularly his opinion of crying between boys vs girls) ...he is definitely no-go for me as well. Hope he's gone like yesterday! A+ douche


                  • Shan
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                    OMG that would be THE dream, wouldn't it?! I'd LOVE to see this one 'Glenned' for sure!

                  • Luanne
                    Luanne commented
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                    I agree with you. He acts like he does not want to be there. I am afraid he will be around for a while. The loud ones and the older person seem to go first. A lot of strong men this year and they will control the game. Now if they offer him a temptation of money to leave, he may leave. (we can hope)

                  • Shan
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                    very good & valid points Luanne you're probably right, unless he gives in to "temptation" he might be around for a bit...ugh :/

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                  ET Canada interview...


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                    LOL @ Ika calling him petty and "nice-ish". You can tell he didn't like the petty remark.


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                      His least favorite houseguest is our Paul?!!! What about FRIENDSHIP?!! Dude, I'm definitely not a fan of you now!


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                        Ummmm first four boot.


                        • Shan
                          Shan commented
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                          SOOOO hope so!!

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                        Cody's exit interview with Jeff Schroeder...
                        After being voted out of Big Brother, the latest evicted Houseguest sits down with BB alum Jeff Schroeder to talk about their recent departure from the Season 19 house. Watch all-new episodes of Big Brother on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS and CBS All Access.


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