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Big Brother 19- Houseguests- KEVIN SCHLEHUBER- 15th Evicted- Jury Member 8

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  • Big Brother 19- Houseguests- KEVIN SCHLEHUBER- 15th Evicted- Jury Member 8


    Kevin Schlehuber
    Hometown: Boston, MA
    Current city: Boston, MA
    Occupation: Stay-at-home dad

    Three adjectives that describe you: Caring, humorous, and charismatic.

    Favorite activities: Hanging out with my family, watching movies, going to the beach, exercising, and playing pool or darts with the kids.

    What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?
    Being away from my family for so long. But, again, I'll deal with it knowing they are rooting for me to win.

    Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?
    I did meet Derrick Levasseur from Season 16 once and he seemed like a nice guy.

    Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
    Being myself, I think that will work every time.

    My life's motto is… Live and let live! Don't be judgmental of people, especially if you don't want them to judge you.

    We all deserve to live the kind of life we want, regardless of how we live it.

    What would you take into the house, and why?
    - My journal to record the daily goings-on for my memories
    - My rosary beads. I enjoy saying the Rosary now and again, and praying, too
    - Pictures of my family, so I can constantly remind myself why I'm doing this and who for

    Fun facts about yourself:
    - I was Mr. Massachusetts in 1986
    - I have a birthmark in my eye
    - I was on The Geraldo Rivera Show and won a hunk contest
    - I was the dunk champion for the city of Boston in 1981
    - I come from a family of seven children and I have seven children
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    Seems like a nice guy and a FLOATER.. how far he will float in this game.. probably to mid-game then his flip flopping will seal his fate.


    • Walleye
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      I agree. Deluxe floater. Will last a long time if not ejected right away.

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    Video interview...
    This 55-year-old father of seven might not speak in hashtags, but he\'s a sharp dresser, hails from Boston, and claims to have a story for every occasion. Don\'t miss the two-hour season premiere of Big Brother on Wednesday, June 28 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access. Then, watch all-new episodes of Season 19 on Wednesdays and Sundays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS and CBS All Access.


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      Kevin on one of his daughter's and niece's YouTube Channel called "Your Sweet Guys"...


      • KennyERJ
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        That's the newest one. There are several other videos of him on their channel too.

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      His interview with Jeff on YouTube (in case you're not able to watch on CBS website; just click the Play button on the video and you can watch it right here)...


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        His video interview with K-FROG radio (just click the Play button and you can watch it right here)...


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          Whew! Kevin can talk! lol But I think I like him a little more now after watching that K-Frog interview. He seemed more upbeat than in the interview with Jeff.


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            Just a heads up his family created a Twitter page for him.


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              I like this guy too...wasnt sure I would but yeah, I think he will grow on me even more. Only thing I worry about is the "I gotta story for everything" general, (in 'real life') people like that kinda do my head in so we shall see LOL


              • Shan
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                LOL my Daddy used to tell me I needed to calm down, slow down, take a breath ALL the time He also used to like saying "Shannon Ann! you sound like a flat tire child!" I didn't get it....until much later after I had kids (my oldest & youngest take after me in this way)...particularly my youngest .. I find myself calling him on the 'sounding like a flat tire' haha! It's hard to describe in written/typed form but it's basically a sound something like "bopbopbopbopbopbopbopbopbopbopbopbop" really fast LMAO

              • KennyERJ
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                Yeah, I know exactly what sound you're talking about! LOL

              • Shan
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              I like him and hope he gets to stay around for a while. Since he has no chance of winning, I hope he goes home before jury but not first.


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                ET Canada interview...


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                  Apparently, there is a reason that BB is playing the "Mob Type" music with Kevin.
                  Remember is his intro, he said that is dad was known as "The Cheese?"
                  Read this from the Boston Globe in 2006

                  Couple, 69, convicted of cocaine trafficking

                  By David Abel, Globe Staff | August 1, 2006

                  A 69-year-old man whom prosecutors called a major supplier of Boston's cocaine in the 1990s was convicted yesterday of trafficking hundreds of grams of the drug, prosecutors said.

                  Andrew F. Schlehuber Jr. , known to customers as ``The Cheese," was found guilty in Suffolk Superior Court of trafficking in 100 grams or more of cocaine, an offense punishable by up to 20 years in state prison and a fine of up to $100,000, prosecutors said.

                  He also was convicted of three counts of trafficking in 28 grams or more of cocaine, four counts of cocaine distribution, and single counts of conspiracy to traffic in 200 grams of cocaine and possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, prosecutors said.

                  Schlehuber's wife, Winifred, also 69, was acquitted of a single count of conspiracy to traffic in cocaine, prosecutors said.

                  ``Today's verdict . . . holds accountable a man who funneled vast amounts of a deadly drug into our streets and neighborhoods, addicting men and women, black and white, young and old alike, in a poisonous enterprise driven only by the desire for profit," Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said in a statement.

                  The Schlehubers could not be reached at their home in Stoughton.

                  One of their seven children, Kevin Schlehuber of Walpole, said that before the verdict his father had to be taken from court in Boston to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Kevin Schlehuber and another brother said their father had suffered a mild heart attack.

                  ``You don't understand how much this hurts," Kevin Schlehuber said in a telephone interview. ``I don't know what to tell my kids about their grandfather. He has 25 grandchildren."

                  He said his father was expected to remain at the hospital overnight.

                  Another brother, who asked that his first name not be published, said of his father: ``He's doing as good as he can do, but it's a death sentence, even if it's just 10 years. None of us are doing well. We were all blind sided by this."

                  Both brothers said their father intends to appeal the verdict.

                  Prosecutors said Schlehuber operated an ``elaborate cocaine enterprise" out of his West Roxbury home, supplying cocaine to ``numerous individuals" for at least 10 years.

                  The Schlehubers came to the attention of authorities in 2000, when police observed ``significant" foot traffic in and out of their LaGrange Street home. Police later searched the home and found more than 100 grams of cocaine, a cereal box full of marijuana, and records with the names and preferences of numerous drug buyers, prosecutors said.

                  A Suffolk grand jury indicted the Schlehubers as drug dealers in June 2002.

                  At trial, one of Schlehuber's clients, Mark Smith , told the jury he had bought seven grams of cocaine from Schlehuber every day for more than five years, prosecutors said. Smith, reportedly the former owner of Finagle a Bagel in Faneuil Hall Marketplace, testified he bought cocaine almost exclusively from Andrew Schlehuber.


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                      You can't pick your parents.......


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                        Whoa is right and I agree with Walleye, he is not his father.


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