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Big Brother 19 New House - Summer of Temptation

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  • Big Brother 19 New House - Summer of Temptation

    Temptation lies around every corner. .

    Click HERE for a tour of the #BB19 house with Julie Chen

    House Pictures HERE

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    This season's new twist is dubbed the Summer of Temptation

    The Summer of Temptation will "challenge the group in a way fans have never seen before, with tempting offers including money, power, and safety in the game" according to CBS.

    But there's a catch—with every temptation taken, a consequence will follow.

    Be sure to sign up for the Live Feeds through any of our links or banners right here at BBU. It's a great way to help support all that we do here all summer long.

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      I am really digging the house this year! I am in love with that bathroom - purple is my favorite color! I like it much better than the house last year.
      I am thinking they might be bringing back something like Pandora's Box with the temptation theme.. They choose something that is enticing, but could end up being bad for them or others in the house? Excited to see!!


      • JeanK
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        Wow, you hit that nail on the head, lol. That's exactly the plan.

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      House is over the top elegant which makes it even sadder when they trash it.

      Hoping they have more games like the Paris hunt. Keep the hamsters busy and we viewers watching.


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        House tour for

        Thanks for the heads up, BettyBoo ...
        ​The official start of summer -- aka the Big Brother premiere -- is almost here! But first, we got a sneak peek inside the sinful new house.


        • BettyBoo
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          Glad to help. Entertainment Tonight had their house tour with Julie today if you can catch it on your local channel.

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        • KennyERJ
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          For this one, you'll have to click on the link "ET's Kevin Frazier goes..." to watch as the video won't play here. I've tried it in both Microsoft Edge & Google Chrome and it doesn't work so I guess it's something to do with the website Daily Motion.

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        The lock boxes in the HOH room will probably be for a game.


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