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Watching Episodes on Live Feeds????

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  • Watching Episodes on Live Feeds????

    Hi All, I've seen a couple posts on FB about shows being on the Live Stream and also notice that on the Live Feeds they are promoting "Stream the season 19 premiere on 6/28 @ 8/7c". Does anyone now if this means that BB will finally be streaming the shows live so that those of us on the West Coast can actually watch the shows live online (if we get the feeds)? If so, that is AWESOME news!!!! And it's about time! Maybe they know people watch through "unathorized" websites and decided to prevent that AND gain commercial revenue by broadcasting it themselves. Can anyone confirm if this is actually the case?

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    It does sound like they are going to air the premiere live on the Live Feeds but not sure about other episodes. With CBS All Access, you can watch CBS live online but only if it's available in your area. If it is available in your area, it will still be from a local (to you) CBS station and therefore will still be on the same time zone as you. In other words, if you're in the West Coast Time Zone, Big Brother would still not air until 3 hours after it had aired here on the East Coast. It's just like watching your local CBS station on TV except you're watching it online.


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