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Can anyone see the Live Feeds?

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  • Can anyone see the Live Feeds?

    Can anyone see the Live Feeds? I went to bed early last night, logged on to All Access this morning and when I go to Live Feeds it just pops open a black window like it's going to show me feeds but they never load and it doesn't say it's trying to load or anything, just black screen.

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    What browser are you using?

    For some reason I get that too when using Microsoft Edge but with Google Chrome I'm able to see the Live Feeds.


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      Just went and checked and they come up with the regular Internet Explorer too. Seems like it's just Microsoft Edge, or for me anyway. For anyone else having this problem while you're using Edge, click on the drop-down menu at the very upper right (three dots . . .) of Edge and click on "Open with Internet Explorer". You'll probably have to sign in to your account the first time you do it. At first I thought maybe it was because I didn't have Adobe Flash Player enabled but checked the Advance Settings and it is enabled on my Edge browser so don't know what the problem is.


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        I'm on Chrome, I'll try IE. Thanks Kenny


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          Works in IE, weird, I used Chrome all summer last year! At least it's working! I have it on my Apple TV at home, but gotta have my fix at work too LOL!


          • KennyERJ
            KennyERJ commented
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            That is weird that it's not working on Chrome for you but is for me. Maybe it's something to do with the settings/restrictions on your work computer? IDK.

          • joebourg62
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            Kenny, the LF's came up for me no problem in Chrome....however, I have Chrome set up so that every time I X out, it clears the Cache, etc. Maybe the problem is you need to clear the cache, history, etc.
            The LF's would not come up for me on Firefox, I cleared the cache, etc using CCleaner and then the Feeds came up fine in FF.

          • Luanne
            Luanne commented
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            The same thing happened to me. I used Chrome last year for the feeds, watched the interviews this year, but the fish would not load. My younger son was looking around and there was an update to Chrome that I had to do something to before it would finish. I know that sounds confusing but I do not understand these computers and have to have my sons help.

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          Just wanted to let folks know that if you have a Windows computer or device, you can download the CBS app (from the Microsoft Store) and watch the Live Feeds that way too.


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            The counter on the live feeds says it's not coming for 12 hours/? So we don't get till the show ends on the west coast? Definitely some disadvantage for those of us on the east coast.😕


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              it's the same for me NicChick ..doesnt work for me in Chrome for some reason (although that's what I've always used as well) works for me in all other browsers I try though? But I agree..long as it's working somewhere! LOL


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                I called and CBS told me that they are not streaming until after the show tonight, actually they said it wouldn't be live until tomorrow, but the scroll says tonight.
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                  I can see the fish in Chrome and Safari.


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