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Who in the house is GUNNING for Paul...

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  • Who in the house is GUNNING for Paul...

    After last night's premier 2 hour episode, I think it's safe to say at LEAST 9 of the newbies will be gunning to get Paul out of the BB house as soon as possible. Think the original 6 remaining unfriendship bracelet folks (minus Josh.. cause he thinks Paul & him have 'friendship') plus Mark, Elana & Dominque all will be targeting Paul. What do you think?
    Last edited by OutOfTheDarkness; 06-29-2017, 04:44 PM. Reason: forgot to take Josh out of the unfriendship group as he has a "SPECIAL KIND of FRIENDSHIP" with Paul. lol

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    I really think Cody is going to try to knock him out first. He really doesn't like him and it shows.


    • Luanne
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      We all know Paul is going to win the first "Den of Temptation" as planned by BB and will be safe for 3 weeks. I hope he goes home week 4.

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    Is it just me or were you rolling your eyes when everyone was fawning all over him?


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      Why was Nicole brought back...they said she was a fan favorite but that was her first season, not last season. I was so disappointed to see her walk in.


      • OutOfTheDarkness
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        I'm just glad there wasn't a twist that kept her in the house. Her AND Paul in the BB house this season, would have completely ruined the season.

      • ~smee~
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        Amen, OOTD

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      Okay we can take Mark out of the get PAUL out group. He has fallen under his 'FRIENDSHIP' bracelet spell. Cody would be smart to take note of what Mark said, file it away and not trust Mark completely until he has PROVEN himself to Cody.


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        Raven is likely a friend from outside for Paul as well... this deck is stacked. We're stuck for a while with this shrewd narcissist.


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          I am so pissed Paul is going to be safe for three weeks. WTF? First I hate that a veteran came back, 2nd I hate that a newbie had to go home to make room for him, 3rdly I hate he wasn't nominated by Cody right away. 4th I hate America gave him a protection for three weeks. I'm not sure I even want to watch for the next three weeks. Super lame.


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