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    Morning all


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      Originally posted by BettyBoo View Post
      Hee hee reading comments written while I was typing and kept thinking, who's this Jason guy. I just think of him as Whistle Nut 😁. Enough with the cowboy hat inside already. And yeah hate baseball caps as much.
      I can't help but wonder if the Cowboy hat is more about a possible receding hairline. I love love love me some Tim McGraw but come on with the🀠 hat all the time. Same with Cole Swindell and his baseball hat ... I'm not dissing "my boys" πŸ˜‰ ... but, especially being southern boys, Ya know they were raised to take their hats off indoors etc.


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        😱 speaking of manners ... HELLO BBU FRIENDS. Looking forward to spending the summer with all of you. Y'all are my favorite part of Big Brother πŸ’•
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          I'm so excited. Last year I had trouble posting because my phone was about to die. It died and now I can post. Woo hoo!
          BettyBoo said something I've been dying to say. Elena has no conversation that isn't about penises. Every time she opens her mouth it leads to d*ck. What is WRONG with her?


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            Morning All. Just got done catching up from last night's "excitement". IMO Cody is NUTS. He either has watched to many Super Heros movies and believes he's one of them, or he is acting and he thinks BB19 is his audition for a TV show or movie. Whatever it is, he bugs me. Jessica typical pretty girl who thinks she's going to find love like Jeff &Jordan. Betty Boop is right. Elena has Penis on the brain. So far not to excited. I like Alex. Paul is Paul. Kevin is either not really there or he is playing that way. But still to early to tell.


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              At first I liked Cody. I thought, wow, he's got a great poker face. Then I realized, he is just not a nice person. I understand that Josh is coo coo for coco puffs and he shouldn't have gone for that golden apple, but when Josh was coming in and yelled at him , " move it loser" ...I thought, ahhh, true colors coming through, not a nice guy. Granted Josh's move sunk his team, but Cody wasn't even on his team.


              • Luanne
                Luanne commented
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                Cody is a strange one. I like that he does not let anyone (Jessica) control him but he is so intense ... I liked it when he went and talked to Alex (before POV) and told her to not isolate herself. He gave her a little pep talk. I liked that he gave her props for winning and did not let the others sway him. BUT he is so STRANGE.

              • Livzee
                Livzee commented
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                Cody creeps me out...iron robot

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              Good morning everyone. Could not stay up to watch feeds last night, but do no think I missed anything. I have not found the one I want to pull for yet. Some of my favorites from the interviews are falling down, Pulling for Alex (was not high on my list from interviews) was very glad she won POV.

              Did not think I wold like Kevin, but he is so funny.


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                AND... what was Kevin thinking sharing that info with Paul?!!!?!? It is not a matter of if Paul will use that but *when*! He just shortened his time in the house! Ugh! He was doing so good keeping that a secret and no one was obsessing over it! KEVIN!!!!!


                • Freebyrd
                  Freebyrd commented
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                  Hi Shmennifer ~ I agree, that was a very bad moment for a Kevin fan to watch (IMO) Geez. If I were Kevin, I would have taken that secret to my grave.

                • joebourg62
                  joebourg62 commented
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                  I will stand alone and repeat what I posted a couple of days ago. Knowing how loyal Paul is, I think Kevin telling Paul is a great move.

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                I keep going back to something that Cody said. Paraphrasing of course. He said he was going to split the house and then see who he could trust, or something like that. I keep wondering if this is part of that. I'm not totally buying the girls being really part of an alliance. I think he is just using them for numbers right now. I think his eyes are open to Jessica for sure. She seems to be more playing house with him than playing the game. Typical clinger. I think the only alliance Cody may really have is to Matt and Mark. I think (hope) his true plan this week is to sit back and observe everyone so that he can see who he can trust and move forward with.

                I think Dominique may have sunk her ship with him last night when she told him that she told Ramses (maybe) that Jason's name was coming as the replacement. I can't imagine that Cody would be happy with her telling anyone about what was being discussed.

                I can't wait to see who the actual replacement will be. I saw a theory about Ramses "curse". The theory is that if Paul gets nominated in these three weeks, that Ramses will be his replacement since Paul has safety..


                • Luanne
                  Luanne commented
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                  I have not seen the "curse" theory. It would be so sad to see two super fans of the show go home so Paul could have a second chance on winning.

                  You think Cody has a real plan. You may be right, I was surprised when the feeds came on and we had another large alliance.

              • #11
                I agree Luanne. I have not seen that theory either. After seeing Ramses on a little bit of after dark. I would hate to see him go so early. Just throwing this out there, I believe I saw this in one of Lexie's live feed posts, I saw Paul and Kevin talking, in what I will call the lounge room, and it appeared to me that they could be in a secret alliance; is my thinking way off base?


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                  Morning, geo and everyone...very happy to see you and happy dance that BB is back. I think I've caught up with all the "tea" and want to post my HG rankings here so they are documented. That way I can laugh at myself at the end of the season (or next week) when I inevitably change my mind/opinion:

                  1. Christmas
                  I liked her interviews; I liked her in the premieres; I still like her in the live feeds. She seems smart and not too catty, but also fun and SHOULD play the game well.

                  2. Cody
                  I know Cody is an unpopular choice and I reserve the right to quickly change my mind as soon as he shows he's truly a bad guy. But right now I don't think he's a bad guy....I think he's just VERY MUCH who he is (and I think who his is is a voice-activated robot). Remember he said that his favorite player is Evel Dick, not because he likes who ED is but because ED refused to be anything different that who he is no matter what. And it's obvious that Cody is going to play the way HE wants to and isn't going to be swayed. And I'm curious to see that type of game play...curious to see someone who isn't moved with the wind. No way in the world that Cody will ever go along with the house.

                  At first I thought Cody might be misogynistic or bigoted, but so far I don't think he actually is. I think he is a soldier whose identity was reinforced with his military experience and there are no gray areas in his vision of life. He's used to depending on his guys, so he continues to depend on guys. He's a bit overconfident in his abilities, but that's not unusual. And his blank stares are not entertaining, but evidently he really has no small talk ability. And he feels no need to convince anyone of his view because you either agree or you don't.

                  I don't think I could be his friend because my gosh....the man is impossible. But I am VERY intrigued with his game. I want to see how it works for him. (Although I am a little bit worried that he suffered some sort of combat tragedy that made him shut down to this extent.) I hope he sticks around awhile because he is not going to put up with bull. He does not suffer fools gladly.

                  3. Matthew
                  So far I don't really have a reason that I can articulate on why I like Matthew. I just do.

                  4. Ramses
                  He's smart. He knows the games. He's doesn't bug me.

                  5. Alex
                  She was one of my least favorites starting out, but I've been impressed with her.

                  6. Raven
                  She is this high on my list because she's from Arkansas and she's tougher than she looks. Knows the game. Is too perky even for me (and I can be pretty perky myself), but I'm giving her a chance basically because I'm a homer.

                  7. Dominique
                  I like her intelligence, but she does talk too much. So do I, so I'm giving a temporary pass on that flaw. She seems to read the house well.

                  8. Mark
                  He's a nice guy. That's about all I can have.

                  9. Kevin
                  He makes me laugh.

                  10. Jessica
                  She knows the game. Hope she will start relying on that soon instead of being catty/jealous girlfriend stereotype. We've seen two sides of her. I like the gameplayer side much better.

                  11. Paul
                  He's not bugging me as much this season. I'm putting up with him because I'm still angry that Nicole beat him.

                  12. Jason
                  He has no clue what he's doing, but he's not offensive.

                  13. Josh
                  I feel badly for him....he's in over his head and doesn't get it.

                  14. Elena
                  I WANT to like her...I truly do. I didn't like her from her interviews but I did like her on the premieres. She's too gutter-mouth on the feeds...she bugs.

                  15. Jillian
                  Just not my fave.
                  Last edited by nonobadfish; 07-01-2017, 10:29 AM.


                  • nonobadfish
                    nonobadfish commented
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                    That's exactly it, KeninVA . Who knew??????? (That's cool and makes this way more fun....)
                    Hey, Walleye and Kpercyman !!!!!! Hugs to all.

                  • Freebyrd
                    Freebyrd commented
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                    Hi'ya Nono! So good to see you're back! I loved your post. Especially this: "At first I thought Cody might be misogynistic or bigoted, but so far I don't think he actually is. I think he is a soldier whose identity was reinforced with his military experience and there are no gray areas in his vision of life. He's used to depending on his guys, so he continues to depend on guys. He's a bit overconfident in his abilities, but that's not unusual. And his blank stares are not entertaining, but evidently he really has no small talk ability. And he feels no need to convince anyone of his view because you either agree or you don't." Wow, in a nutshell, you hit the nail on the head. My sentiments and theory exactly. He's as cold as ice, and not willing to sacrifice his game...for anyone. Including Jessica. I feel this to be true because he knows that Jessica is his weakness, but he is also slowly catching on day-by-day how catty she really is - and he is smart enough to figure that she will ruin his game (if he doesn't ruin it himself.) However, my take on Jess is that if Cody was not there, she would play a better more focused game. Perhaps Jess is way too into herself though. Not sure yet about her. I love Matt. I love the silver fox! KeninVA, that is so cool you have a connection to him! Wow! Anyway, Nono, I agree with everything you said.

                  • nonobadfish
                    nonobadfish commented
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                    (((( Freebyrd )))))

                • #13
                  And they will never take our freedom!!

                  Unless of course they give me a second chance at a half mil. πŸ˜‰


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                    Popping in for a minute. I have not seen the 2nd show. I did watch some of the feeds yesterday. A few observations:

                    A 9 person alliance is not going to hold. That large an alliance has only held together once, to my recollection, which was Derek's season. None of these players is in that tier. Jessica, clearly to me, is attempting to target Cody. She went on for what seemed like hours yesterday about how "I still trust Cody, but him not agreeing to target Alex is wrong, and suspicious, but not suspicious, since I still trust Cody". The body builder guy caught on right away, and went to Cody to tell him. If Cody and that guy (Mark, just looked him up) make it to mid-game, they will be worth watching. No one, except Paul, is in a strong position within the house, and with the 9 v 6 configuration currently set up, I expect we will see multiple realignments within the next 3 evictions. Plus, with the unexpected departure of the dog walker girl, I would not be surprised to see them bring someone back, though I always want to see the canceled eviction, especially if it happens on a night when someone is getting backstabbed. Anyway, that is my two cents, without much data to base it on.


                    • nonobadfish
                      nonobadfish commented
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                      I'm so happy to be talking to you again, KeninVA .... Agree. (Although we sometimes start out agreeing but never end up agreeing.) I wouldn't be surprised if Cody is just using the 9 for a short time and is tricking them into thinking they are in an alliance. I feel like, listening to him, that he's got plans for a much smaller group and the 9 is just part of his plan to get through for a bit.

                      Of course, Cody doesn't talk so I'm getting this information by downloading his robot brain into a software program that analyzes his artificial intelligence thoughts. (Seriously....I'm actually liking that no one knows his plan. And I don't think anyone can sway him away from whatever he's got planned. The twists are going to throw him).

                    • Walleye
                      Walleye commented
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                      I love that nobody knows his plans. Finally, someone shuts up!

                  • #15
                    So...what's with Cody and him 'enjoying' the riots in Mis. ? He flew right in to be there, 'took gunfire, gassed, fires,' and he said specifically he 'enjoyed it'.
                    I watched the flashback of him talking about it last night at the counter...his face showed actual expression rather than a stone cold look.
                    There's something so off about that guy.....


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