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#TheThingsKevinSays and Other Funny Stuff

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  • #TheThingsKevinSays and Other Funny Stuff

    Here's a place to add funny things that the Big Brother 19 house guests say throughout the season.

    You can even add funny/witty things that BBU'ers say - because some of you guys are pretty witty!


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    I'll start...

    illian says she's going to bed...

    Alex to Jillian- take out your hair.
    Kevin- what do you mean take out your hair?.... what the **** is that?

    Jillian- Extensions

    Jillian taking out her extensions...

    Kevin is amazed... tells her that she certainly can't sleep with them in .. because they could "wrap around her neck and choke her"

    Kevin - are they horse hair?
    Jillian- no .. human

    Kevin- where are the humans you took it off?


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      🤣🤣 Kevin is a riot..he cracks me up! Love the guy can't help myself


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        I whipped up this video about Kevin.
        He is pretty smooth and is in with everybody in the house. I call him this years Enzo.

        Kevin Whacks Cameron
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          joebourg62 I added it so that it can be watched right here on the site (just hit the Play button on the video), if folks so choose. Thanks for getting this approved in advance by Admin, as all links should be.


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            Kevin asking to see Paul's Pendant of Protection..

            Kevin - "Let me see your Flava Flav thing"


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              11:00am goes on for 1.5 minutes
              Cam 1
              Kevin gives his interpretation of what a calf’s life would be if roping them by Cowboy’s would stop.
              I can’t even begin to transcribe his convo with Jason without falling out of my chair knowing what his last statement is.
              The convo started with Jason saying how Xmas would not let him carry her into the DR, then Kevin went off on a tangent about roping steers and calf’s.

              I uploaded it to my tuber page for those who don't have the time or the LF's. Watch it in full screen mode.
              Don;t think it would get approved for posting....lots of F words, but that is Kevin being Kevin.


              • KennyERJ
                KennyERJ commented
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                It wouldn't be just the "F" words why we couldn't post it, maybe Lexie can confirm this for sure, but I don't think we're allowed to post any video from the Live Feeds at all. We can only post photos and those can't contain nudity.

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              Kevin reflecting on what he does when one of his kids is upset. "You know, I might send them a couple of mojos or whatever." Emojis Kevin, emojis.


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                9:37 PM BBT

                Jason- it's right back to week one... they're all going to be sucking each other's ****s
                Kevin- We weren't getting anything sucked anyhow..


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                  Later we will have to have some absynthe....

                  kevin...."what like not show up?"


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                    Kevin tells Jason that he if ever wins HoH.. he will just lock the door and tell people not to come up .. cuz he don't want that **** ...


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                      Kevin - she ( Dom) has the right to be mad.. but I didn't say nothing to the broad... can you say broad on TV? I was going to study abroad


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                        Kevin: That thing is the washing machine from hell. It says 50 minutes but you come back later and it says an hour. WTF?
                        (I thought it was funny because mine does the same thing)


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                          The other day on IDLD Kevin was walking towards the door. Someone asked him where he was going. He said he called for an Uber, he was going to the bar for some drinks.


                          • ~2much~
                            ~2much~ commented
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                            It reminds me of when Jeff was looking for his keys because he wanted to get out to go to the mall… LOL

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                          ..."Kevin is a trip...talks about how some of them purposely look in mirrors for the cameras. That they think the will be getting a toothpaste commercial." ..from LFU


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