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Live Feed Discussion-July 7

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 7

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    Morning all. I see the group of six are still going strong.


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      Good morning. I just caught up on the discussions. Christmas said she is having surgery on Monday for plates/screws then come back Monday night. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! BB or California Dr's are doing a terrible job handling this. WTH? Memorial weekend Saturday, my husband slipped on a boat ramp, compound fracture and ankle joint ripped through the opposite side. He had surgery within hours then Monday a second surgery for the damage on the tear. In hospital 5 days. I am shocked they are dragging this out, I am shocked they are putting her back in after a major surgery. What is wrong with these people?
      I'm a fan of Christmas and I hate to see her pulled but this is ridiculous.


      • augie33
        augie33 commented
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        I like xmas as well but I think she should be pulled due to the amount of contact she is having with the outside world. Anyone could be feeding her information about what is happening in the game and giving her an advantage.

      • Border57
        Border57 commented
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        My sister also did a number on her ankle. Worst case scenario for an ankle break. She ended up with three surgeries with pins and screws and off of the ankle for most of six months--can't quite remember now but it was a long time. Her first surgery was delayed for several days because they had to wait for the swelling to go down, and they also had to send her to a doctor in an orthopaedic group that specialized in these kinds of breaks. She lives within an hour or a good sized city in NYS (not metropolitan NYC) so it's not like she was in the boonies (where I live, LOL!).

        As for Christmas not leaving the show, I think they are leaving that up to her, and she wants to compete. That's her choice, apparently. With her athletic background, she probably does know what she's doing more than the average bear as far as taking care of herself so she doesn't damage anything further. I'm also guessing that she will not stay in very long, and that there will no battle back if they have let Forgettable go, per her conversation with Julie. What's her name? Jillian. I don't think they want Cody back since he's been aggressive already. That warning that Production gave doesn't sound like something they want to deal with if they don't have to. I think they will bring back Cameron when Christmas goes out and there will be no competition, he just comes back.

      • JeanK
        JeanK commented
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        Border, my husband had the plates and screws placed through the back, opposite the tear. 3 days with raised leg and ice, they went back to repair that. So much damage, could not pull the "stuff" back together. The stitches were a few inches across just to hold in place what they could.
        I know off topic but still, it's a major surgery and I hope she doesn't go cruisin on those crutches and rests.

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      Good Morning BBU! I'm of course very happy with Paul being HoH. I think his double pawn idea is boneheaded though. He's walking talking proof that no plan is solid with the temptations going on. Plus I want to see Jody up there together and sweating it out.


      • #5
        Hi everyone! I've been watching from a distance. Not sure how I feel. I still don't like Paul so I find myself rooting for anyone that wants him out. Lol. Not happy about him winning because I just don't like the guy. 😕
        Busy summer, my novel came out! It's doing well. Google me guys! "Pocketbook Diaries" by L.C. Rogers.
        I'll be back on later. Gotta jump off to get ready for a meeting. Just popped in to see who won HOH. TTYL


        • DisMom
          DisMom commented
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          Congrats on the novel. I love "my boy" and will be pulling for him, but I expect that he is going to be targeted as soon as his safety net is gone. These newbies are just biding their time with him for now, they know there is nothing they can do with him for the next 2 weeks and he can't be chosen for another temptation so why not play up to him? As much as I want him to go all the way, reality is he may not make it to jury much less a final chair.

        • ^Tamz^
          ^Tamz^ commented
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          Raineyc I am so happy for you and plan to buy your book. I love to read.

        • Raineyc
          Raineyc commented
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          Thank you Luanne, Dis Mom, and Tamz. Tamz, if you love to read you'll love it. It's Part1 in a series. Not sure where everyone is from but I'll be in Florence, SC at Barnes & Noble doing a book signing on July 25 from 5-7pm. Then back in South Carolina again, but in Columbia on August 17 at Barnes & Noble there. I was in PA last month. I'll be at two events in Baltimore in September and October, and Boston maybe sometime in October. Not finalized yet.
          Anyway, I haven't checked in on the hamsters today. I'm ok with seeing Cody go if that happens, I just hate seeing Paul get his way. Lol

      • #6
        I know that Jessica and Cody were very surprised by the vote last night but do they have to act like children about it? A day or so ago, Jessica and Cody were in the HOH bedroom (where they pretty much stayed over the last 4 days) and they were watching the kitchen on the television and Cody made a comment about the "other side" laughing in the kitchen and believing that they had the numbers for Christmas to stay in the house when they didn't have the votes. Then Jessica said that it was because none of them had any idea of how to play "this" game. And instead of joining the group of people downstairs and making sure they had the votes, they isolated themselves in the HOH room and made fun of "other" group for believing that they had the votes.

        And now Jessica (briefly) mentioned leaving the house. Is she two? Because she didn't get what she wanted, she is going to take her toys and go home? Seriously? They are yelling at Josh for lying to them and yet they were all for it when they thought he was lying to the other group as they wanted to see their faces when the votes didn't go their way. I can do without that attitude.

        I wanted a blindside and this group of HG did not disappoint me! And I loved the look on all of their faces when it was announced that Jillian was evicted. Of course, I would have loved the faces of the other side if Christmas had been evicted as well. Cody wanted to make a big move early in the game and he definitely did that. However, his downfall was thinking that his team would follow his lead unconditionally. You can't expect a group of adults to follow you blindly, especially when you don't even ask their opinion. The game of Big Brother is about more than making big moves. You also have to have a pretty flawless social game as well. And that is where Cody has fallen short and will face a very difficult road to the F2.


        • beckyd30
          beckyd30 commented
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          It would save Paul and the others having to vote her out if Jessica self-evicted in a temper tantrum. Fingers crossed she does.

      • #7
        I have to say, with 3 weeks of immunity, Paul messed up by winning the HoH. He really should have thrown that since he knows he's safe.

        Unless his master plan is to get Cody out, but getting him out this week should be a no-brainer and slam dunk.

        I guess we'll see how the week plays out.


        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          I see what your thinking is on that but I know if it were me in Paul's situation, I'd still have to try as hard as possible to win HOH. I wouldn't want to leave my fate in other's hands anymore than I had to. Even though Paul would be safe, he has to keep the folks on his side safe too because if their numbers get too low, then they (including Paul) would be in trouble. Paul would of had to worry about what someone like Jason, Kevin, Alex or (and especially!) Josh would do if they won HOH and of course he knows that Jessica would have been coming after them had she won.

        • soflaguy
          soflaguy commented
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          I also think if Paul was going to win an HOH in the first 3 weeks, this would be the one. Now he can't compete next week, but he is guaranteed safety. The week after, he is eligible to play in the HOH contest again

      • #8
        So, Paul wins HoH and hopes to turn Cody into a sitting duck, he spreads his wings and offers Friendship to the "other" side of the house, and his plan to nominate two pawns has two glaring flaws.

        Paul winning HoH was actually fun for me to watch, once it was pointed out that they were playing cooperatively. This gave Paul a massive advantage, as Xmas, Elena, and Dom all gathered tickets and gave them to Paul, allowing him to spend more time perfecting his push of the ball. According to Paul, he was also given some help by Alex, who let him cut in front of her a few times. I believe it, since, while she was probably not planning on actively participating in Cody's demise, him getting booted is good for her game.

        Kevin handled his vote perfectly, and the result is that no one actually knows who the 8-4 votes were cast by. He then painted a huge target on Ramses, exaggerating Ramses' in the moment comment to him, accusing R of casting a vote to keep Xmas, and pledging loyalty to Alex/Jason and Paul. He also got active help from Paul, who loudly and emphatically kept telling Kevin, in front of Jason, that he, Paul, did not care that Kevin had voted to evict Xmas. All this has set the stage for Paul's next play, which also exposes himself within the game.

        His plan, nominate Alex and Josh, as two pawns, counting on Ramses nominating himself as a safety valve boot if all goes wrong, and Cody not getting to play in the PoV, setting up a backdoor boot of Cody. The two flaws are Cody can still be picked to play, and in a Season of Temptations, Cody could be given a power that would allow him to force himself into the PoV comp. Paul should realize this. I would have put Jessica up as a pawn, along with Alex or Josh and in the worst case scenario, if Cody saves her, he has Jason and Ramses as back up. The odds are still in his favor of getting Cody out this week, but hardly a sure fire bet.

        Paul has solidified his hold on the Duo Couples and Xmas, Dom, and brought Josh publically into that group as a loosely connected 8th, and Kevin as a 9th. Meanwhile, he pitches and it appears to be accepted, that Alex, Kevin and Paul will form a secret alliance, to ride to the mid game together. Whether this is actually real or not is unclear, but Alex said all the right things, including agreeing to hide this alliance from Jason, which will isolate him, and make him an easier target.

        This secret alliance now opens Paul up to attack, should Alex decide to betray him, in the event she gets into trouble. This would be more effective for Alex, if she read Jason in on the deal, to protect her own flank. If she keeps Jason in the dark, she will have a more difficult time holding it over Paul, since she will be keeping secrets too.

        Not much to see today, unless the Pawns wake up and start to have second thoughts. I will say, Paul seems to have total sway over the group Cody used to control, and has effectively cut Cody off from reinforcement, aided by Cody and Jess's atrocious post vote/post HoH comp behavior. They are truly on an island by themselves.

        Just my opinions.


        • birdiefriend
          birdiefriend commented
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          I seem to remember reading in someone's post that Cody received a key to a SD Box and spent 20 mins locked in the HOH. Did this really happen? Do the other houseguests know about this? This could be why he's acting so arrogantly. If true and gets a power, Paul's plan could definitely blow up!
          Last edited by birdiefriend; 07-07-2017, 02:27 PM.

      • #9
        Good morning all,,,, not very happy this morning. Paul won HOH and Alex is going on the block. If Cody or Jessica gets to play in the POV and wins, they will not use it. That would leave Alex, Jason and maybe Ramses on the block. The others are not going to keep Alex over Jason or Ramses. I am afraid she will be walking out the door on Thursday.

        I think Paul has several secret alliances, One with Alex, one with Kevin, one with Jason, and one with Mark I think.


        • #10
          OK--now that the path seems set, how do you see the next temptation playing out? As advertised, it is the "power of replacement" which obviously will give someone the ability to replace a nomination. My guess is that Christmas or Alex will get this based on popularity right now. (maybe Kevin). My guess, in these scenarios, is that either of the ladies, given the opportunity, puts up Jessica and she is cooked. Perhaps Cody at Paul's urging, but in any case, one of them seems to be in deep trouble. Thoughts? I always value your opinions and insights.


          • LeslieP
            LeslieP commented
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            From CBS site: "This Week's Temptation"
            "The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Ring of Replacement, which will give them the power to play in any Veto Competition they want this summer! If they're not one of the six houseguests playing, they can swap places with one of the three players chosen by random draw. The Ring of Replacement can only be used once but remember, every temptation comes with a consequence."

        • #11
          I gather that they decided overnight the original plan was too risky and now Alex and Josh are the pawns. They both agreed to do it. Ramses is expected to put himself up, but we'll have to see.


          • #12

            - Assessment done after HOH win - (posted 7/7)

            Who's on the LOVE BOAT, safe at the Captain's table?
            Captain (HOH): Paul: You were saved by the 3 week protection, so enjoy your time for now. Eventually you will be in danger again.
            Matthew: Smart calm cool. On winning trajectory.
            Christmas: The Timex watch - takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Now facing surgery, poor kid.
            Mark: Reluctantly had to break from Cody when Christmas sprinkled her pixie dust on him. Nice solid guy.
            Raven: Tinkerbell with strong spirit and will. First to support Christmas from team.
            Dominique: Wants a job at CBS, so staying low and out of fray while being an advisor and supporter.
            Elena: Fiery, but may be too emotional to play logically.

            Who's on the GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP, safe for now?
            Jason: Target isn't on him, but he's still so confused. He doesn't pick up the undercurrents.
            Kevin: Put a stink on Ramses by lying about his vote. Tricky trick guy. Great liar, BUT better not be caught.

            Who's on the SS Minnow, in danger but safe for now?
            Alex: She will fight to stay, but her partner in crime is gone. Her trust in Kevin is SO misplaced.
            Josh: He voted with the right side, but always screws himself up with his own meltdowns and sensitivity.

            Who's on the RMS TITANIC, just waiting for the ship to hit that iceberg?

            Cody: One sore loser. BABY ON BOARD
            Jessica: Too self-centered to keep her eye on the ball.
            Ramses: Nice guy, getting slandered by Kevin all while having to put himself on the Block.

            Who is already in Davey Jones' locker?:

            Cameron: Good luck on resuscitation.
            Megan: Only a brief memory.
            Jillian: You never felt the knife in your back. Good luck on resuscitation.


            • #13
              So Christmas has a horrible break and will have surgery on Monday. What a crappy deal for her.

              Once again cards are reshuffled and where will the orphans go? Not sure where Alex's head is, since can't figure out who she really trusts any more. She's a competitor but has sucked at the social game by keeping herself mainly with Jillian. Kevin has neutered Ramses. Jason is so desperate to find a play partner he was courting an emotional Josh.

              Oh, Kevin, you are a wiley one. Affable on the outside, but the 😈 inside. You'll be fun to watch. But eventually your sneaky game can backfire.

              Cody and Jessica have signed their own game death warrants, by their actions and words to others. They isolated themselves in the HOH room and are delusional that viewers love them. I never liked her, but Cody has totally lost my respect by being such a poor loser. They others may use them to eventually get out Paul, but they're pass the point of redemption. Their attacks on Josh had the opposite effect of making him more protected and they less.

              Oh, Paul, your proposed game plan is risky. If Ramses does go up as a third option, it could change odds for Veto play to backdoor Cody. Also wonder who will get the Temptation and how will it be played? Unlikely Cody or Jessica will get the replacement medal, but another player like Cowboy could mess up Paul's plan if they got the medal. Simple plan would normally be to put up Cody and Jessica together, but having Ramses as third seat muddies that plan. Can't wait to see how its played. So many ins and outs with mighty risks for any option.

              Although I don't have a player I'm cheering for, love that I am not sure what will happen next. Honestly most of the players don't annoy me, even they don't inspire me either. Sadly Jessica and Cody bring out the worst in each other and may have done better if they hadn't joined. But they are so toxic together.

              Also, few of them are considering a buy back possibility. And haven't heard anybody counting days or house stuff like roses, apples, cameras, etc? So important for future comps.


              • #14
                Good morning all. Thank you Lexie and all the LFU who helped us all out last night. I am a west coaster and waited to watch the show before getting caught up in here. What a great vote. Here are a few thoughts I have.

                Kevin, you are a stud. I was already loving Kevin from a personal standpoint, but last night the guy really showed that he is a gamer. He had everyone convinced beforehand that he was on their side, and then got his vote pinned on Ramses. That is great. Yes, Paul helped him out as well, but most of this is on Kevin. He should get an Oscar for his acting performance when Julie announced the vote because Kevin convinced Cody and Jessica just by his face that he didn't sell them out. This is my favorite type of game. Yes, it can blow up in his face. But if he can make it through the game playing like this, we will be talking about him as a legend.

                Ramses, you set yourself up to get played by Kevin. Your distaste of Kevin since the start made you an easy target for him. The fact that no one in the house trusts you also made you the easy set up. Ramses reminds me of Frankie so much in the way that as soon as the camera hits him he is beaming and bouncing and yelling. It annoys me so much. I wanted to like Ramses, was hoping he was another Ian/Steve type. He isn't at all so far.

                Anyone reading my posts from the last week know that I like Christmas. I have been quiet since her injury for the most part. That is because I'm trying to figure out if I like that she was allowed back in or not. I am also always paranoid that AG and the production team interfere too often. After Christmas revealing last night to Paul and Dom that she has to have surgery on Monday, I've finally made up my mind how I feel about all of this. I HATE IT. I think that she should have been removed from the game on Wed after the MRI results. I don't think it is fair to the other players in the game (and I guess Cameron and Jillian as well, though they seemed pretty worthless). I have an honest question to ask, and hopefully a lot of people will chime in with an answer. If this had been Jillian or Ramses who got the same injury, would AG and production be taking the risk and allowing that person back in the game? My answer, no they wouldn't. I think they'd have been removed from the game and Cameron brought back in (he really does seem to be in sequester). I think Xmas was allowed to stay due to her connection to Paul.


                • Livzee
                  Livzee commented
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                  I agree that she is being given preference and also that she is likely doing perhaps permanent injury to herself.

                • GrandmaSusan
                  GrandmaSusan commented
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                  Agree 1000%

                • BBtime
                  BBtime commented
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                  Oh yeah, agreed.

              • #15
                Interesting to see something besides a blank, emotionless stare on Cody's face!


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