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Live Feed Discussion-July 15

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 15

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    The drama continues.


    • #3
      Who knew there were so many cracks in the big group. Of course I think Paul has started most of those cracks to cull people from the herd.


      • Walleye
        Walleye commented
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        It appears that paul's strategy is to have five or six number two's lol. It's working well until they all talk. These blowups are very dangerous for paul.

    • #4
      OMG, Mark is so whiny. He is still campaigning to get Ramses or Christmas out instead of Dom. The more he does this the more he puts the nail in Dom's eviction. Everyone is sketched out by this connection he has with Dom (closer than his relationship with Elena) and their relationship with Cody.


      • Shmennifer
        Shmennifer commented
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        I kind of think that Mark likes Dom for her "wisdom" and he misses that from his Mom. I also think he should shush and cut her loose!

    • #5
      Alex best move now is to put XMas up and get her voted out. Gain Jessica by having Jason take her off the block, and gain Dom by telling her she was only doing what her side wanted.
      Last edited by Raineyc; 07-15-2017, 07:06 AM.


      • #6
        ....and Mark tries to bring up Ramses or Christmas as an option again! You are right sdkgeo, very whiny!


        • #7
          Good morning,,,,can not believe they are still up. It looks like Alex's HOH is a mess but I think it is great. It has turned the other side upside down. She is going to be able to get someone out from the other side, keep Jessica, increase her numbers. After this is all over, Paul will be sure to let his side know how smooth his HOH went and how confusing Alex's was.

          Poor Alex, she has a wild card as her number one in Jason. He does not understand this game, does not know when to keep his mouth shut but is so funny.


          • #8
            I still don't understand why Xmas isn't put otb. Didn't they figure out she was a hinky vote? What can she offer to the game? I am disappointed in BB that they kept her in the game. I feel sorry for her but it's not fair. She needs to go.


            • #9
              Sounds like Dom wants to have a house meeting some time today. She's talking to Alex about it right now.


              • #10
                Dom is stuck on the 'snake' thing!


                • #11
                  House meeting? Oh please, please. Paul will eat her lunch. I'll have to get y popcorn ready though


                  • LCnSummer
                    LCnSummer commented
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                    Yay. Snacks and libations. Hope its later in the day. 🍕 🍺

                • #12
                  I do not want to miss this meeting. Don makes sure she does not mention names. When she was asking Alex about her telling Elena that Dom mentioned her. She told Alex I did not say a name.


                  • #13
                    Paul is very awake now! Alex told Elana, Mark and Paul that Dom wants a meeting and Paul is ready to go.


                    • #14
                      OK, Paul is going to get Dom now...(he says)


                      • #15
                        Here we go. Not a house party, but Paul is about to call out Dom. Get your popcorn


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